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Reminder: WBW 71 Is This Week!

by Tim Elliott on March 14, 2011

It seems like is was just a few days ago that I announced the next edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday but it has been nearly 3 weeks. So just a friendly reminder that WBW 71, “Rhones Not From The Rhône,” is in just two days.

And it’s easy to participate; just pick up a wine made mostly from grapes best known from The Rhône but not made there, taste it and post your notes to your blog. No blog? Well email your entry to me and I will post them up on the Wine Blogging Wednesday Posterous. But you could also blog on your own Posterous, Tumblr or even Twitter profile. I’m hoping to see a large turnout this month and find some great Rhone-styled wines from regions other than Frances’ Rhone Valley.

Need more inspiration? Check out Jay McInerney’s piece on Viognier from this past weekends’ Wall Street Journal. And don’t forget to use our hashtag #wbw71 when you announce your entry on Twitter or Facebook.

Announcing WBW 71: Rhones Not From The Rhône

by Tim Elliott on February 23, 2011

Wine Blogging Wednesday is my favorite group tasting event mainly due to its global scope. And I’ve participated 45 times since joining the monthly virtual tasting back in WBW 7 some 6 years ago. The wine blog scene has changed a lot in those years but the core element that makes Wine Blogging Wednesday so special has remained the same. Each month a blog host picks a theme and anyone who wants to participate, wine blogger or reader alike, posts their notes on a wine that aligns with that theme. And we do this on an appointed Wednesday chosen by WBW founder Lenn Thompson of the New York Cork Report (formerly LENNDEVOURS).

After a return from hiatus last month hosted by my friends at Catavino, it is my honor to host Wine Blogging Wednesday 71 on March 16th. This is the fourth time I’ve hosted but the first in some 3 years since I asked everyone to return to the Old World and taste my favorite white variety, Riesling, with me. So I thought it only fitting to feature my favorite wine region this time out – The Rhône – but with a twist that makes WBW so fun.

The theme for WBW 71 is, “Rhones Not From The Rhône.” Pick any wine made from a variety best known in The Rhône but not made in that famous French region. It doesn’t matter if the wine is white, pink or red; still, sparkling or fortified. Whatever you choose just needs to be made from primarily a Rhone grape and come from a region not in France. This opens up a lot of possibilities. Want to stay Old World? Check out Spain where Mourvèdre goes by the local name Monastrell. New World more your bag? Pick up a Roussanne, Marsanne or a blend from California or Australia. I even hear they are making some pretty decent Viognier in Virginia these days so finding a wine should be pretty easy wherever you call home.

If you need some inspiration, just check out this link for all the varieties I’m talking about. Although your choice is totally up to you, I encourage you to look outside the familiar Syrah and Grenache and try something new.

The Details:

  • Choose one or more wines made from Rhone varieties but not made in Frances’ Rhône region and post to your blog, Posterous or Twitter stream by Wednesday, March 16th.
  • If you announce your entry on Twitter or Facebook, please be sure to add the hashtag #wbw71 to your status update.
  • Send me an email at winecast (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know where I can find your post so I can produce a summary after the event.
  • Don’t have a blog, Posterous or Twitter account? Just send me your entry via email and I will post it up on the WBW Posterous.

I hope you can join me in just 3 weeks for the next edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday. Let’s get our collective Rhone on folks!