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“Why Are You So Into Pinot?”

by Tim Elliott on January 1, 2012

Watch Paul Giamatti’s eyes while Virginia Madsen is speaking. Great acting in the best wine scene ever in film.

You might need to click back for the video… Happy New Year!

Rex Pickett’s “Life on Spec”

by Tim Elliott on December 19, 2011

Sideways DVD (original version)I have written quite a bit here about Sideways, a rare film that somehow combines wine, humor and middle age crisis into an Academy Award winning package. But until recently I had no idea how close Sideways came from never being made. In a series of posts by author Rex Pickett over at the Stage 32 blog he recounts the twists, turns and luck required to get his book published and the film made. Five parts have been posted so far with the final post coming this Thursday.

This is really not a wine story but one of perseverance and the inner workings of Hollywood. But I find the story absolutely fascinating. It also appears this story might be told in a documentary film; I have embedded the spec trailer below. If you are a fan of Sideways, I suggest you check this series out.

via Stage 32


Grape Radio Interviews Author Rex Pickett

by Tim Elliott on February 22, 2011

Rex Pickett on Grape Radio

My friends at Grape Radio have posted a great interview with Rex Pickett, the author of ‘Sideways’ and its sequel ‘Vertical.’ Although the guys spend much of the podcast talking about ‘Sideways’ Pickett does work in plenty of details about his latest novel. Between this and the written interview posted recently by Blake Gray, I think we have covered this subject from all angles. And crossed off an item on my podcast things to do list. Actually, I would like to talk with Pickett about that new TV project he’s developing for HBO…

via Grape Radio

A Sobering Interview With Vertical’s Rex Pickett

by Tim Elliott on February 10, 2011

Author Rex Pickett

Photo via Palate Press/Blake Gray

Since I posted my review of Rex Pickett’s new book ‘Vertical’ I’ve received email asking for more details about the author. While I hope to be able to interview Mr.Pickett on the podcast, Blake Gray has posted a no-holds barred interview with him at Palate Press.

The fascinating discussion sheds the most light I’ve yet seen on the authors’ background, motivation to write ‘Sideways’ and what his life has been like since the movie. Such transparency and gravitas makes it a must read.

via Palate Press