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Yes, It Got Worse…

by Tim Elliott on February 12, 2007

Damaged cellar

No injuries to family or wine so we are lucky on this one… it was kind of exciting with all those flashing lights, etc. 😉

What a wine lover doesn’t want to see

by Tim Elliott on February 11, 2007

A hole in the top of my cellar

Yes, friends, that’s a hole in the top of my wine cellar just cut moments ago by a plumber repairing a burst water pipe. That’s one of the not so good things about living where the winter temperatures are often below zero Fahrenheit in winter.

I’m pleased to report that no wine was damaged…

Update, 11:59 pm:  The fire department has been out for the past couple hours putting out the fire caused by the plumber… I fear wine has been lost but I did rescue my best bottles before the fire.  More later…

What happened to wine-journal.com?

by Tim Elliott on January 14, 2007

The Once and Future Wine JournalSo I’m catching up with my blog reading and enjoying a post over at Good Grape and click on one of the links. What I find is a landing page at Neal Martin’s wine-journal.com saying that his content has moved to eRobertParker.com. OK, Cool. I log into my account there and find none of Neal’s excellent website at eBob. In fact, I find nothing to indicate Mr. Martin is employed by Mr. Parker although Pierre Rovani seems to be still writing there. WTF?

Come on guys, get your act together. Before you cut us off from wine-journal, get the content on the new site even if I have to pay to read it. Further, if you need someone to look after your website, I’m for hire.

Luckily, I downloaded Neal’s entire site in November so I have his writing right up to his Wine Advocate hiring. Unfortunately I didn’t re-sync last month (or last week) to be able to read the passages Jeff was referring to. I’m not pleased.