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Winecast 53 – Alsace

by Tim Elliott on February 16, 2006

On today’s podcast, I focus on the wines of France’s Alsace region and review, “The Emperor of Wine�, by Elin McCoy.

Show Notes:
00:21 – Welcome
00:33 – Alsace Overview
03:19 – Tasting Notes
03:34 – Pierre Sparr, Pinot Blanc “Reserveâ€Â?, Alsace 2003 ($12) #
03:53 – Trimbach, Riesling, Alsace 2003 ($17)
04:20 – Hugel, Gewurztraminer, Alsace 2003 ($18/gift) *
04:54 – Best Tasting *
04:59 – Best Value #
05:05 – Review of The Emperor of WIne
08:31 – QPR Wines Drawing
09:21 – Contact Details
09:57 – Next Show Theme

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Winecast 21 – Gewurztraminer

by Tim Elliott on May 2, 2005

On today’s show I taste three wines made from the Gewurztraminer grape from around the world, provide background on the grape, talk about matching food with wine, play a clip from Podcast411’s interview with Senator John Edwards and announce the wines for the next virtual tasting.

Wines featured:

– Cuvee Anne-Laure, Gewurztraminer 2003, Alsace ($10.55)
– Columbia Crest, “2-Vines”, Gewurztraminer 2003, Washington ($5.55)
– Rosemount Estate, Traminer-Riesling 2004, South Eastern Australia ($4.95)

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by Tim Elliott on December 27, 2004

For dessert on Christmas, I made a proper English Trifle from Nigella Lawson’s recipe in, How to Eat. It was excellent and I accompanied this with a wine I had picked up for my birthday last month but never opened. It was a Gewurztraminer Beerenauslese 2001 , Weiden am See from Weingut Ochs. The half bottle (375 ml) sells for $15 here. The intense aroma and spicy flavor of the Gewurztraminer in this sweet style perfectly complimented the trifle’s orange & raspberry flavors. Although the wine is very sweet in this late harvest style, high acidity balances the sweetness and the wine finishes very well with exotic fruit flavors. I highly recommend both the recipe and the wine… more on dessert wines in a future episode.