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Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk

Cork’d Is Dead; Does Anyone Care?

by Tim Elliott on January 12, 2011

Cork'd logoIt’s been a long time since I’ve blogged about Wine 2.0, the term used to describe the intersection of wine and Web 2.0. But I guess it’s time for a gut check as Cork’d chairman Gary Vaynerchuk announces the gradual wind-down of the site after 4 years of operation.

Gary purchased Cork’d a couple years back and until last year really didn’t do too much different than the core social wine tasting note application that made the site unique when it launched. And that’s too bad as there are some interesting things that could have been done with the platform if it were more integrated with Wine Library. In the final analysis, it was probably too much work to filter the content to make it useful but I suspect it was the overall size of the active community that made this decision inevitable.

Users have time to export their content to other tasting notes sites such as CellarTracker or Adegga. And Gary is hinting at another wine related social site in his sign-off video below. RIP Cork’d.

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Gary Vaynerchuk and Robert ParkerI’m about two-thirds of my way though Rex Pickett’s sequel to Sideways called Vertical (yes, a review is forthcoming). While the book is an apt successor to it’s wildly successful predecessor, I don’t think we will see as much of an impact on the wine industry, or Pinot Noir in particular, this time even if they manage to make a movie from it (original cast, please).

But I do think we might see a Sideways-style effect if Pickett’s TV project, “The Nose,” is ever produced. Loosely based on wine critic Robert Parker and podcaster and all around hustler Gary Vaynerchuk, the series is being developed for HBO. As Blake Gray points out in his post there is a long road ahead before this gets a green light but at least the concept sounds like it might work. My opinion is not shared by Blake’s commenters right now but I think they are wrong 😉

via The Gray Market Report