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Sideways Revisited

by Tim Elliott on December 20, 2007

Readers of my personal blog know I’ve been checking out Hulu this morning, NBC’s video streaming service. While browsing the selection of programs one last time I noticed they had Sideways posted. It’s the full-screen version but it looks pretty nice in full screen mode on my Macbook. So if you don’t have this movie on DVD, just watch it below (sorry, Hulu is U.S. only right now so folks overseas will have to muck about with proxy servers).


Bond Still A Bollinger & Bordeaux Man

by Tim Elliott on November 18, 2006

I saw the latest James Bond film, Casino Royale, last night. I really liked Daniel Craig’s minimalist approach to the role which is reminiscent of Sean Connery in the first couple films, but he really establishes his Bond as a raw, physical and complex character unlike any other actor who has played the role.

The more things are changed and updated in this series, it was good to see Bond is still drinking Bollinger Champagne and Bordeaux when he’s not drinking his signature vodka Martini’s (Craig has some fun with this over the course of the film). Fairly early in the film, Bond orders a bottle of Bollinger La Grand Annee 1990 at a hotel in the Bahamas. Later, over dinner on a train with Vesper Lynd, Bond’s main love interest in the film, they share a bottle of Chateau Angelus, a First Growth from Saint-Emilion. Last time I remember Bond ordering Bordeaux, it was a Mouton, so it’s good to see him go across the river and enjoy a Merlot driven wine.

So if you have liked any of the previous 20 James Bond films, go out and see this one on the big screen. It’s quite a bit more violent and raw than past outings, but the end result is quite satisfying. I’d rate it a 92 😉

‘A Good Year’ Corked?

by Tim Elliott on November 10, 2006

Several weeks back I posted about how I was looking forward to the new Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott film, “A Good Year.” It opened today and I’m not in line due to the poor reviews. It appears this is not another Sideways; too bad, as the juice in Provence can be quite nice… I’ll wait for the DVD rental 😉

A Good Year

by Tim Elliott on August 23, 2006


Looks like the latest Russell Crowe/Ridley Scott picture is a cross between Wall Street and Mondovino. Given their past work, I’ll be in line when this is released in the U.S. Nov. 10, 2006.