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Taste Wine With Me Tomorrow

by Tim Elliott on August 20, 2008

Just a reminder that in less than 24 hours the Twitter Taste Live event will be taking place. Join me on Twitter at 4pm PST/7pm EST tomorrow.

We’ll be tasting an array of wines from Hugel including their luscious Gewurztraminer Vendange Tardive 2001. The tasting has been organized by Bin Ends Wine who have provided the wines.

A number of wine bloggers will join me here and in Europe including Andrew from Spittoon, Robert from The Wine Conversation, Ryan from Catavino, Lenn from LENNDEVOURS, Megan, The Wannabe Wino, Dale from Drinks Are On Me, Richard, The Passionate Foodie and Joe, 1 Wine Dude. Also joining us is Etienne Hugel from Alsace where it will be very early Friday morning.

Follow the action on my Twitter feed and on the live video feed Bin Ends Wine has setup for the tasting. And if you are near Dry Creek Valley, join me live at the Michel-Schlumberger Estate to actually taste the wines with me. It should be a lot of fun and I think we just might move the wine world a bit in the right direction.

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Winecast 75 – Etienne Hugel

by Tim Elliott on August 3, 2008

I’m back with an interview with Etienne Hugel of Hugel & Fils. This family winery has been passed from father to son for 12 generations and makes some of the best wines from France’s Alsace region. We also talk about a virtual tasting over Twitter organized by Bin Ends Wines later this month.

Show Notes:

00:25 – Introduction and background on Hugel & Fils
01:49 – Interview with Etienne Hugel
31:31 – Details of Bin Ends Wines Twitter Tasting
38:57 – Contact Details
39:08 – Next Show Theme

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Photo by Kurt-Inge Eklund

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Winecast 53 – Alsace

by Tim Elliott on February 16, 2006

On today’s podcast, I focus on the wines of France’s Alsace region and review, “The Emperor of Wine�, by Elin McCoy.

Show Notes:
00:21 – Welcome
00:33 – Alsace Overview
03:19 – Tasting Notes
03:34 – Pierre Sparr, Pinot Blanc “Reserveâ€Â?, Alsace 2003 ($12) #
03:53 – Trimbach, Riesling, Alsace 2003 ($17)
04:20 – Hugel, Gewurztraminer, Alsace 2003 ($18/gift) *
04:54 – Best Tasting *
04:59 – Best Value #
05:05 – Review of The Emperor of WIne
08:31 – QPR Wines Drawing
09:21 – Contact Details
09:57 – Next Show Theme

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