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Follow My Wine Reviews on Pinterest

Follow My Wine Reviews on Pinterest

by Tim Elliott on February 19, 2012

When I first got started on Twitter I had high hopes of posting frequent reviews there but it never really worked out. It was partially due to the 140 character limit but the transient nature of the medium ultimately kept me only reviewing wines there as part of an organized Twitter live tasting.

But with Pinterest, I think I have found the perfect place to post reviews directly from my log. Each will be linked to the winery ecommerce shop when available. For now I’ll be posting a couple of reviews each day until I reach the end of my tasting log for wines I liked. Some of these might be covered again here as part of full review but you can see my raw notes on Pinterest first.

And you don’t have to be on Pinterest to see the notes, just click on the link below.

Pinterest is an online pinboard.Organize and share things you love.

Read more at: pinterest.com

  • Could you post a link to your Pinterest board? Would love to follow you! Here are my boards http://pinterest.com/jamiehglover/ I’ve got one called ‘Wine’ you might be interested in!

    • My wine review board is linked on this post and also on the Pinterest logo at the top of the site. Thanks for following…

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