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Find The Best Wine With Oink

Find The Best Wine With Oink

by Tim Elliott on October 19, 2011

At today’s Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Digg founder and serial entrepreneur Kevin Rose announced a new iPhone app called Oink that looks like a mash-up of Foursquare and Digg. The premise is simple; check in things you like and then the community on Oink will vote your item up or down. All of this happens on the iPhone with a simple to user interface that most people will get the moment they open the app.

Like other iPhone apps, Oink integrates the camera and location services allowing the user to tag items that interests them. Rose used food and drink as the main application in his demonstration which included tea, sushi and even wine. Future enhancements include recommendations so the app will point you to other things you might like Amazon-style.

I think this app looks very interesting for rating and sharing wines. Once it is released I will take a look and post a review. In the meantime you can see the full presentation in the video below and read more about it at the source link.

via Information Week

  • Sounds like a great idea. I’m looking forward to your review.

  • mskold

    Sounds very cool!  Another cool site that I came across is http://www.vinnobles.com/.

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