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Who Will Be The First Wine Blogger Who Raps?

Who Will Be The First Wine Blogger Who Raps?

by Tim Elliott on February 17, 2011

1WineDude Rockin'

1WineDude Rockin' (photo via Sephage on Shutterfly)

My morning routine starts with visits to my various email accounts and concludes with a quick scan of my Winecast Gmail. If I have the time, I sometimes open my Google Reader to see what blog posts have come in overnight. This morning I stopped in my tracks at a post on Vinography which pointed to James Suckling’s announcement Mike D., of the hip hop group The Beastie Boys, would be a contributing blogger.


If this were early April I would have guessed Alder was playing some sort of a prank but this story is absolutely true. And if I put my marketing hat on for a moment, this move seems pretty astute as having a celebrity reviewer who is a Gen-X icon and still has street cred with Millennials will boost traffic to the site. But I’m not sure how the conversion to paying customers will play out (my gut says not so well).

My only question here is does this work the other way and will wine bloggers become rappers? My money is on 1WineDude Joe Roberts.

via Vinography

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