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Occam’s Razor & Wine Preservation

Occam’s Razor & Wine Preservation

by Tim Elliott on January 31, 2011

Wine bottle and glass

Photo by Ryan Opaz via Flickr

How to preserve left-over wine is one of the most common questions I receive. And I usually answer with my two favorite methods, either inert gas such as Private Preserve or a pump system like Vacu Vin. Both will preserve unfinished wine for up to a week although I generally recommend 2-3 days for best results.

So I had to smile when I came across another method in my travels posted on the Wall Street Journal Wine blog. It employs Occam’s razor — the hypothesis with the fewest steps and new assumptions — to extend the preservation of unfinished wine for up to 3 months. Since air is the enemy of wine, why not put the left-overs in a smaller bottle?

Brilliant and obvious.

via Wall Street Journal

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