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The French Government Just Doesn’t Get Wine Marketing

The French Government Just Doesn’t Get Wine Marketing

by Tim Elliott on January 8, 2009

More about Le Beast at my company blog.

  • This character is very similar to Triumph the Comic Insult Dog all the way down to the voice (if Triumph were French). I saw some of the videos and think they are fun to watch.

    One point I'd like to make is the distinction between a viral marketing campaign and going viral. There is no such thing as a viral marketing campaign. There are Marketing campaigns that use Social Media, Direct Mail, Ambient, Video, etc. However, viral is a result. Viral is what happens if the content is engaging enough to be spread on it's own among the intended audience. A campaign can never promise that it will be viral in effect, they can only promise the strategy and tactics they will use in that attempt.

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