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Consumers Buying More Lower Priced Wines

Consumers Buying More Lower Priced Wines

by Tim Elliott on January 2, 2009

Photo by sparktography on Flickr

Perhaps I should have read the New York Times before making my prediction yesterday that wine consumption would decrease as consumers gravitate to lower priced wines. As they published Wednesday, consumers are indeed selecting lower cost bottles but are purchasing more for about the same total dollar amount as a year ago. This bodes well for wine merchants and producers of lower priced “value wines” in the $10-15 price range. It seems consumers are more comfortable with three $15 bottles than one $50 bottle.

The piece speculates on the reasons for this but I think it’s likely that people have stopped going to restaurants and are cooking more of their meals at home. It’s good to see wine being thought of as an affordable luxury even if consumers are trading down in price.

So I could be half-wrong about that last prediction; I really hope I am.

Photo by sparktography on Flickr

  • alex

    Hi tim, most of the people go to the $10-15 price range because it´s a confortable price and you could find really good bargains, there are a lot of very good argentine wines in that price range

    • Alex: There are plenty of other countries producing interesting wines in this price range, too. Chile, Italy and Spain come to mind. But if you are looking for value Malbec, Argentina is the place to look. Thanks!

  • Amanda Micheal

    On a lighter note i dont think the recession would hit consumers buying from bottlenotes.:) I always buy wines from them.. and get some great deals … they have wines for every kind of budget.So im still a happy soul.

  • I've been watching Bottlenotes gain traction but think everyone will be effected by this pull-back. Good to hear you have found a good source for wines within your budget there.

  • i can not judge for all but i am indeed spending less money on beverages, including wine and actually looking at the sticker price first and only than on the label

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