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The 3,000 Tweet/Follower Challenge

The 3,000 Tweet/Follower Challenge

by Tim Elliott on July 28, 2008

I’ve been tweeting about wine for a long time now but have not really set any goals for my participation.

That ends tonight.

From now until Labor Day (a “bank holiday” in the U.S. for UK readers), I will be striving to get to my goal of 3,000 tweets AND 3,000 followers. Since I only have a bit over 2,000, this will be somewhat of a challenge given the 34 days involved, but I will try to post enough to get to that goal. And not just be trivial about it.

But my goal of 3,000 followers is a ridiculous task unless there is something I don’t yet know or Gary takes a liking to me.

Whatever the case, I will try to reach both goals.

As I begin, my follower count is now 462… wish me luck on my quest. I’ll pull out every trick in the book but I will need a LOT of help to reach my goals.

So tell all your friends to follow me on Twitter. And watch me as I tweet 30 times a day 😉

Zemanta Pixie
  • I’ll sponsor you 10 of my handmade exotic wood wine bottle stoppers. Give them away as you see fit :). Good Luck!
    Keith Burtis

  • Tim

    That sounds great, Keith. Thanks for your support.

  • Can you accept, and offer, wines?

    I think I can arrange a few unusual bottles if it might work, but not sure of US distribution.

  • Tim


    Not sure if sending wine around is a good idea or not. There are a few laws to deal with here even if there is quite a bit of illegal shipping going on.

    Thanks for your offer.

  • One thing we should do is create a “#” tag for sharing wine notes through twitter. (if there isn’t one already).

    see: http://www.hashtags.org/

  • Succes with you attempt!

  • funnily enough, there is one already I believe #wine (though few of us use it properly)

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