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Back From The Dead

Back From The Dead

by Tim Elliott on July 20, 2008

Although aggregator readers might have thought I was taking some more time off, those who visited this site over the past few days noticed that Winecast was down. Most of the time this is due to a short term outage with my web host but this time it was a corrupt Wordpress installation.

So if you use Wordpress, a few words of advice. First, upgrade to Wordpress 2.6. It’s solid and worth the upgrade for it’s ability to activate multiple plug-ins at once and addition of Google Gears compatibility. But when you do your upgrade, look at your plugins, particularly those with some age on them and eliminate anything you are not using. It is also a good idea to delete your cache folder and files if using WP Super Cache. The plugin will recreate what it needs when you reactivate.

And finally, check out your wp-config.php file against the sample in Wordpress 2.6. There were several lines missing in mine as I have not touched it since Wordpress 1.5. I think it was a corrupt plugin or two but it also could have been these missing elements in the config file. If you are looking for more Wordpress tips, follow the series on my company blog.

And now back to wine blogging…

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