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First Look: iPhone Wine Apps

First Look: iPhone Wine Apps

by Tim Elliott on July 11, 2008

Wine LogThe new iPhone 3G rolled out this morning all across the U.S. completing it’s worldwide launch that started yesterday in New Zealand. Much has been written online about the new device but one of the biggest changes since last year’s first edition is the ability for 3rd party applications to run on the phone. And better yet, the millions of iPhones and iPod Touch models sold over the past year can also be upgraded to take advantage of these new appications.

In looking over the iTunes App Store this morning, I noted a few wine related applications in the more than 500 now available. I think this will be a hot area, even in something as niche as wine, based upon the ease of development and the millions of units sold worldwide. I would expect to see some applications targeted at the wine trade (winemaking and vineyard data collection, for example) as well as at consumers. The first couple applications seem targeted at non-wine savvy consumers which is what I expected. I should also note that I have only installed and tried one of the applications below at the time of writing but I think I got a good idea of the functionality from the pictures and descriptions.

The first application I noticed is called Wine Log, not to be confused with the eponymous Wine 2.0 site, which is a simple wine note taker. Although this might be handy for consumers wishing to keep track of wines they taste on the go, there is little here for the more advanced wine lover. But at just $2.99, this app seems to deliver decent value for those with modest needs. I also can see where Wine Snobthis basic layout could be modified to handle other scoring systems and a few more bits of information to make a “pro” version in the future. I’m sure this will evolve along those lines with user feedback.

Wine Snob is an educational reference app that looks similar to others I’ve used on Palm and Windows Mobile platforms. From the screenshots and description, it seems to provide mobile access to wine terms, food pairings and other useful information. Like Wine Log, this app sells for $2.99.

EvernoteIn browsing the rest of the store, I noticed an iPhone version of my favorite note taking application, Evernote. Available as a free download, I installed and connected to my account on my duahgter’s iPod Touch. Like the Windows Mobile version I’m currently using, the feature set is limited to reading existing notes or posting text and photo notes. The iPhone version extends this with the addition of audio notes and direct integration with the onboard camera. This is a good start and might be enough for iPhone users looking to keep some wine notes on the go and syncing them with their desktop.

But I think we will see better wine related apps for the iPhone in coming months as Wine 2.0 players like Snooth and VinCellar look to extend and embed their web applications into the mobile space. As this space gets more interesting I’m sure I’ll be tempted to jump on the iPhone bandwagon even if I can’t type worth a darn on the thing 😉

To be continued…

Zemanta Pixie
  • Love the article, working on a couple of fun apps for iPhone/iPod Touch ourselves, will let you know when they go live.
    All the best from all at Stormhoek

    • I think you must post a new article about the latest IPhone 4 features. This will be a good article because all the gadgets lovers are addicted to technology and such articles.

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  • Lauren

    Wine Snob had a great update recently – it allows you to log wines, tag them with characteristics, varietals and vintages etc, and take a photo of them. They say they will also be coming out with a mapping feature and a cellar for people to log their wine collections. You should check it out. Cheers!

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  • Jody Patterson

    Just discovered a new wine app for the iPhone called Velvet Vine. The user interface is very clean and the app itself is very stable. Has a cellar, journal, search and a new social network for reviews. Very nice, highly recommended. Their web site is http://www.velvetvine.com. Enjoy!

    • Thanks for the tip, Jody; will check it out. I also have another new iPhone app I'm testing now for a second round-up post soon.

  • Anne

    Another great app is the new "Wine Notes." It's got a much nicer user interface than some of the other apps.

  • bev

    i need an app that i can type in what i like eg. fruity,smooth,not citrus or lemon etc and it will advise me what to try????

    • @Bev: If you are looking for wine and food pairing, check out Hello Vino. I haven't seen an app doing exactly what you are looking for but I'm sure someone will do something similar if it's not out there already.

    • Hi Bev, yes, Tim is correct (thanks, Tim!). The free Hello Vino app will give you a wine recommendation based on both food & wine pairings and your taste preferences. So, if you're looking for a "dry and crisp" white wine with flavors of "honey", the Hello Vino app will recommend a Vouvray.

      You can download the free app at http://www.HelloVino.com (also works on the Web and any mobile device)


  • Not sure if you've hear of Cellar, but it's an iPhone app that I designed which was updated to 2.0 last month. Have a look and let me know what you think. 🙂

    http://cellar-app.com or on the App Store: http://appsto.re/cellar

    • I'll have to check out your app as I'm going another roundup post on wine iphone apps.

  • Oli Coenen

    interesting post….
    I guess a lot of them "Wine recommendation websites" are working on releasing their iPhone app. At our end here at http://www vinogusto.com we're looking into it as well.

    From your experience and since time went by since this article was written, what would currently be your top 3 wine apps out there?

    Thanks and cheers from us wine lovers in Europe…

  • Hi Tim. As you begin to do your next roundup of wine iPhone apps, please check out our app: Approach Guides Wine (http://agwine.com).

    The philosophy behind our app is different than any other wine app: we provide a strategy for choosing a wine — focusing on what is most important when selecting wines: regions, appellations, grapes, and vintages — rather than relying on specific bottle reviews. Also, our app does not require an internet connection, so the information is always available.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in taking a closer look at our app. AG Wine is also available on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/ag-wine

    Thanks, Tim!
    – Jennifer

    • Looks like a nice app, Jennifer. I'll definitely put this on my list when I do a round-up of paid wine apps (a free wine app roundup is coming later this week).

  • Hey Tim, love the roundup! Here's another great app to add to your review list. We just recently released WinesToDo (http://www.appstodo.com/winestodo) It's a great app for the casual wine drinker to rate, log and share their wine experiences with friends. You can even email a wine record with pics of both the front and back labels to another user and they can import it right into their copy of WinesToDo. You can also post your latest wine story directly to your facebook wall from within the app.

    • I'll have to add your app to a future roundup (which is way overdue). Thanks!

      • Hi Tim, would love to participate in your upcoming wine app roundup. Corkbin (http://www.corkbin.com) is an app that let’s users easily capture & share wines that they are enjoying. Simply take a photo, key in a few thoughts, and broadcast it. It’s been featured in the App Store as both “New &Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot”. 🙂

  • AFajnf

    I found that there is a very good wine iPhone app – Wine Experts Ratings.
    It provides the wine expert(Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, ST, CG,etc) ratings for many wines like Bordeaux, Rhone, Burgundy, Italy, Germany Spain.

    Here is the app website:

    I think you guys should try!

  • Joaquin

    Hi! First of all I want to congratulate you for your excellent blog. I love it! My name is Joaquin and I have been working in developing this Wine trivia app. for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. We’ve just uploaded it to the appstore for FREE. I would be pleased if you can check it out, give me your feedback and if you like it, post a review of it in your blog. Here I send you the iTunes link:


    Best regards!


    • Tim

      Just downloaded it from the App Store and will try it out on my iPod Touch soon. Thanks for the tip, Joaquin.

  • Christian

    Another interesting wine app, different from usual ones. World Wine, more than 900 zones from around the world with general info about grapes, production numbers, types of wine…

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