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I’m The Guy To The Right of Eric Asimov

I’m The Guy To The Right of Eric Asimov

by Tim Elliott on March 21, 2008


It’s funny how things turn out sometimes. As soon as I think I have an idea so niche someone would not possibly do the same thing, that thing happens.

I like the view popurls gives me on the conversational web, all on one page. So I thought an aggregator of the wine blog world would be interesting so I hacked a proof of concept and shared with my Twitter friends. This was right after I saw Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop which launched with a food but not wine blog page. But that all changed when Josh at Pinotblogger Twittered about wine.alltop.com today.

It’s an honor to be on this page, but a double honor to be just “above the fold” and to the right of (hopefully) my future blogging buddy Eric of the New York Times. I’m not sure who to thank for my fortune. It might be the folks at Electric Pulp just up the road in Sioux Falls, South Dakota who put Alltop together. But I like to think it was Guy himself who remembered me as some schmo who asked for this autograph on my tattered old copy of The Macintosh Way last year when he was in Minneapolis.

So thanks, Guy… I owe you some nice wine and a good ticket to a Wild game when you are here next… and, yes, I’m kicking butt 😉

Check out Alltop here.

My Macintosh Way autograph

  • Well how cool is that! Does Minn have an NHL hockey team? 🙂 All the best to you. Thanks for the exposure to your readers.


  • Tim

    Thanks for stopping by, Guy. And, yes, MN does have an NHL team…. but they moved to Dallas years ago 😉 The new guys look to clinch the Northwest this weekend. See you in the playoffs.

    And thank you for the exposure on Alltop… I’m even used to that silly bar that tracks down the page as I scroll now 🙂

  • Hi Tim. I followed @guykawasaki’s tweet to get here. I can see how you made it to Alltop. Congratulations!

    Fellow Guy Kawasaki fan

  • Hot damn! I’m to the LEFT of Eric Asimov! Which I suppose is appropriate for an aging hippie…;) thanks to Guy, Tim, Josh, my publicist…

  • Tim

    Linda: Thanks for visiting and your kind words…

    el jefe: good to be on the same line with you, man 😉

  • Me and Guy had an email exchange a month back when he launched alltop! I suggested the wine category and I’m glad after some suggestions as to where to find blogs to include it happened! Nice to see wine on the list! Congrats on the placement!

  • Thanks Ryan!

  • Tim

    Ryan: Thanks a ton for that exchange with Guy… it made a difference!

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