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Is Terroir a “Meaningless Argument”

Is Terroir a “Meaningless Argument”

by Tim Elliott on February 20, 2008

I’m researching a post about Stormhoek and I came across this podcast with Jason Korman I had not yet heard. During this discussion Jason asserts that terroir applies to all wines wherever they are produced making terroir, “…a meaningless argument…” from a marketing standpoint.

Terroir Hierarchy

On one hand, I agree with Jason that terroir is too often the de-facto marketing strategy for too many wineries. On the other, I’ve tasted different blocks of the same vineyard and found each wine quite different. So there’s something to this notion of terroir.

But the real learning from this podcast is that those of us who write about wine are too often obscuring the true enjoyment of the beverage with jargon and a learning curve that most people will not invest the time to learn. Perhaps that’s really at the center of the argument that most wine blogs are boring.

So I’m going to make an effort to change the way I talk about wine here and on my podcast to make the content easier to understand for the non wine geek.

I’m also hoping to tell the real story of what happened at Stormhoek in coming days.

  • I listened to the Podcast with Jason and I’m overwhelmed by this Fad of chasing wines with screwcaps. I agree that Cork is becoming a problem regarding corked wines, shortage of cork, etc. but Synthetic breathable corks are just as fantastic as screwcaps. I don’t feel that screwcaps are all that and love the romance and drama of a bottle of wine being “uncorked” infront of me at a wonderful restaurant by a wine steward or Sommelier!! Cheers!

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