WSJ’s Top Bargains of 2007

by Tim Elliott on December 21, 2007

By way of Dr. Debs, I learned that the Wall Street Journal’s wine writers Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher have released their Top Wine Bargains of 2007. It’s great to see these picks out behind the subscription wall (at least for now) but I was delighted to see their piece enhanced with a video podcast.

Longtime Winecast listeners and readers will remember that Gaiter and Brecher’s “Tastings” column was one of the inspirations for starting this podcast and wine blog. As I haven’t subscribed to the Journal for some time now, I have not kept up with their writing but will watch for their column online from now on.

Next week looks like “Delicious” wines of 2007… until then, enjoy their video:

  • Christopher Jay

    Thank you for posting this… I’m looking forward to it as I’m a podcast junkie on the wine topic and it’s especially nice to be able to watch and listen to the list.

    All the best…

  • jeremy

    Has anyone seen Lisa Dinsmore’s piece about Paso Robles? It’s got tons of great cheap wines!

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