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Unfiltered 7 – Wine Blogging Today

Unfiltered 7 – Wine Blogging Today

by Tim Elliott on December 19, 2007

As I begin my 4th year of podcasting I present the final Unfiltered show of it’s first season.

Jeff and I welcome a panel of some of the top wine bloggers today: Alder Yarrow, Dr. Debs and Gabriella & Ryan Opaz. We talk about the state of wine blogging, where it is going and share some wine picks.

Show Notes:

00:25 – Introduction

01:40 – Question for Alder

04:21 – Question for Dr. Debs

05:46 – Question for Gabriella & Ryan

08:10 – Question for Jeff

09:19 – Are Wine Bloggers Having An Impact?

15:04 – Where Is Wine Blogging Going?

36:53 – Will Wine Bloggers Adopt A Common Rating Scale?

55:13 – Gabriella & Ryan’s Wine Pick

57:17 – Dr. Debs’ Wine Pick

59:13 – Alder’s Wine Pick

60:00 – Tim’s Wine Pick

62:30 – Everyone Plugs Their Blogs

64:00 – Jeff’s Wine Pick

67:00 – Feedback

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  • Great conversation. I don’t often listen to podcasts, but it is great to hear from all these people I already know and interact with in different ways. Knowing Ryan’s voice in particular makes me feel I’m on the phone and should be able to butt in and join in too.

    One of the interesting things about this discussion is that the themes may be universal, but your US perspectives are quite different to experiences in this country (the UK) – I’m sure Ryan and Gabriella would say the same with Spain. “Millenials”, “Robert Parker”, “Wine Spectator”, …

    Interestingly, many of the topics you touch upon fall into my area of interest for my blog as they are about the concept and conversation of wine rather than the wine itself (until you got to your wine picks).

    I will definitely try and pick up on these themes and post up my thoughts.

    Thanks Tim (and everyone else), and congratulations on the 3 years.

  • Great to hear from Dr. Debs and the other prestigious guests. Worthwhile listen!

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  • Very interesting discussion with plenty of relevant topics. Keep up the good work.

  • Tim

    Robert: thanks for the feedback on context. we’ll try to be more inclusive of non-U.S. wine bloggers the next time.

    Thanks for your support, Matthew!

  • I really enjoyed listening to this. Great discussion and great topics. (It was nice hearing what you all sound like, as well!)

  • Enjoyed as well…

    …Jeff, I bought that bottle but paid $1000 dollars for it; I’m not satisfied, so can I get that $2000 bucks you owe me for the double money back guarantee? hehehehehe

  • Tim

    It was so fun Jeff and I are planning another panel of bloggers next month… we’ll probably talk about a range of subjects but being a new year, predictions are probably going to be made as well.

    Jill: I think the highest you will get Jeff is about $45 😉

  • Joe

    Finally got an opportunity to have a listen. Fascinating stuff. I hope I never see the day when bloggers adopt a common rating system! Variety, as they say, is the spice of life…

  • Robert Puker

    Overall, very interesting attempt. I enjoyed all the people involved. I recognize what the show’s topic was but next time, pehaps a little less shop talk and a little more wine talk? More reccs, passions, predilections, obssessions, that sort of thing.

  • Excellent idea Tim, very interesting and useful! I have proposed in my Italian wine blog Vino al Vino http://www.vinoalvino.org to realise something like your state of the art discussion also in Italy re the situation of wine blogging here. This is the link to my post
    Bravo, bravissimo!
    Franco Ziliani

  • Wonderful blog and podcast. I am an avid enthusiast and have recently decided its time to start making wine for the purest experience. The massive amount of information pouring from the wine bloggin community is refreshing and helpful. My wife and I have decided to blog about our adventures into wine making, but will begin with drinking and commenting on a vast array of wines made from the Nebbiolo grape of Italy’s Piemonte region. Please feel free to drop by and join
    in on the experience.

    Happy Holidays,

    Karl Goldfield


  • Great group of people in a single podcast stream! Thanks Tim for organizing such a great discussion. One reason that I believe people get hooked into blogs, especially meaningful and informative blogs like all of yours, is that they are… FREE! I don’t subscribe to the print magazines referred to in the podcast, but I thought that one point missed is that individual bloggers who aren’t in it for a living are not able to review as many wines as the referred magazines do, right? I believe this is an example of an opportunity for a collective wine blogging “print-out” at a small charge. Finally, I would like to recommend a topic for a future podcast… blogging by wineries. I admit that I haven’t searched hard enough, but I’ve encountered few “Dover Canyon”, “Pinot Blogger” or “Goosecross Cellars” like blogs out there. How are wineries doing in today’s living web? Good examples and bad examples? What could be done better? Is it worth the time spent, i.e. how much does it impact sales? Etc. Just an idea…

    Happy New Year to you all.

  • Tim

    Franco: Best of luck with your podcast; let me know if you need any technical help (we used Skype to record our call).

    Karl: Thanks for stopping by and for the link to your blog. I’ll check it out… drinking more and better Nebbiolo is one of my New Year’s resolutions 😉

    Marco: A good point about winery blogs. Jeff and I will form a panel early next year with the best winery bloggers for a discussion of how it’s different than individual wine bloggers.

    Happy New Year!

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