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The Honest Truth About Wine & Technology

The Honest Truth About Wine & Technology

by Tim Elliott on November 29, 2007

Clark Smith is stirring the pot once again with an expansive and thought provoking piece over at Appellation America. He takes on the wine industry’s aversion to openly discussing the role of technology in the winemaking process, amongst other issues.

In my time in the wine trade I’ve learned quite a bit of information that can’t be openly shared here for one reason or another. It’s good to see someone in the industry put the issues on the table and invite feedback. Check out the full article here.

For the record, I personally don’t think the use of technology robs a wine of it’s uniqueness, unless it’s overdone. I focus on what’s in the bottle and glass in front of me and not in the process of how it came to be made.

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  • Hi there,

    to be honest, I dont know much about wines and even less about the technological features of a webside:), but I have seen a new webside called gurudelvino.com that is also based on 2.0 and its in german/english and spanish. Most of the wines are spanish wines and the side is still in the beta version. I think it could be a competitor of Snooth because it looks like the users can do much more things like uploading videos, create thier own groups and blogs. The only thing that could kill them is the major investment of snooth. Nut I think it looks quite good.

    I will keep an eye on both and hopefully one will become a nice lively one.

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