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Video of Our Roussanne Crush Last Weekend

Video of Our Roussanne Crush Last Weekend

by Tim Elliott on October 31, 2007

Thanks, Robin, Denise and Alan!

  • sweet.
    Still wonder why acidity drops & pH rises so precipitously when positive climate factors have made for long hang time & slow ripening–

    Tim, what can you tell us about soils there?

    If I remember right, the educated guess for pH climbing thru fermentation with Alan’s Pinot 2.0 was hungry vines’ absorption of nutrient phosphate (from a somewhat late Spring compost spread) with the help of those October rains just before picking– which might be a factor here–?
    Rain after heat & drought will of course dilute Brix, but sugars will snap back pretty fast. A flush of nutrients making their way through the plant & into the fruit just before picking– more complex, wide spectrum of possible consequences…
    gettin geeky here. Let’s see how el fermento goes…

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