Removing a cork without a corkscrew

by Tim Elliott on July 26, 2007

Reader Sorin from Edmonton, Canada sent me a couple videos he has recently made but this one really impressed me as a great wine hack worthy of Lifehacker. Let us know what you think in the comments but have you ever seen anyone do this? No, me neither ;-)

Open A Bottle Of Wine Without CorkscrewThe funniest videos clips are here

  • ryan

    too obvious! at least for me to figure it out!

  • Tim

    As one who has used a screwdriver to “open” a bottle of wine in the past, I thought this was quite creative. Not sure why I didn’t think of this but I didn’t…

  • Garrick Van Buren

    In college, I frequently used a modified version:
    – use screwdriver to drive sheetrock screw into cork
    – use pliers to pull out screw and cork.
    – after pouring, use fingers to remove cork bits from wine

  • el jefe

    This method would seem to be the classic:

  • Tim

    Garrick: Seems that Sorin’s method here is a bit less destructive to the cork but you were certainly in the same ballpark with your approach.

    El Jefe: Your video really sucked ;-) Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

  • DancingDavidE

    I have used a potato peeler before. I don’t recommend that unless you have easily cleanable ceilings.

    However, I can remove a cork from an empty bottle with only the items at a fine dining table which is good for a bar bet.

  • Emmy

    Having worked at a winery myself–there are tons of clever and “unique” ways to open a bottle of wine. You know, sometimes you have to do what you have to do–right?

    Check out It was voted Oregon Winery of the Year by Wine Press NW magazine!

  • Kathleen

    Unique! I’ll have to try it with my boyfriend sometime.

  • Sorin

    hey guys
    I am glad you liked the video!

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  • John

    Ok, I clicked on the link, and Google desktop showed a warning message indicating that the site was distrubuting mal-ware. Hmm, I guess that stuff is everyware.


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