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Wine Blogging Wednesday Turns 3!

Wine Blogging Wednesday Turns 3!

by Tim Elliott on July 17, 2007

WBW logoLots of exciting news is coming from our favorite monthly virtual tasting known as Wine Blogging Wednesday.

First off, a great summary of WBW 35 was posted by Michelle and Kevin over at My Wine Education. About 100 wines were written about by over 40 bloggers. Another great turnout; great job, guys!

Founder Lenn Thompson has announced the theme for the third anniversary of WBW as “Let’s Get Naked.” No, we are not going to taste in the nude (but I guess that’s open to personal preference), but sample unoaked Chardonnay. Since my preference is for high acid, fruit-driven Chardonnay this is again perfect for my palate. Join us on August 8th to see what everyone has picked up to try.

And finally, Lenn has formally announced our new WBW community site. This came out of an IM discussion Lenn and I had several months back to make it easy to keep tabs on everything Wine Blogging Wednesday. I’m also pleased to be included in the charter group of advisors who will help manage the schedule and grow the event to a wider audience. One of the features of this new site is a community blog where anyone can sign up and post their tasting notes. So if you have ever wanted to participate, but don’t have a blog, now is your chance.

I’m looking forward to helping WBW grow over the next year. Thanks to Lenn for his original idea and leadership here.

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