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Why I Blog (and podcast)

Why I Blog (and podcast)

by Tim Elliott on April 24, 2007

I knew it wouldn’t take long for the “why do you blog” meme to come my way and Gabriella from Catavino did just that 4 days ago. So I thought about it for a while and have come up with a few reasons:

1) I want to share my passion for wine: This is really the heart of the matter; I love wine and want others to discover it, too. I hope what I do here will get more people into wine.

2) I want to grow & learn: The podcast and blog have compelled me to try new wines I would not have otherwise. This has opened up an entirely new wine world to me. Each week I look for new wines to try and not the big jugs of plonk.

3) Wine blogging & podcasting is cool: OK, so this was one of the reasons back in 2004 when I got started. Now it’s just nerdy but I don’t care 😉

4) I like the gigs: Kinda like a musician, this blog has provided me with employment marketing the beverage I love. How cool is that?

5) Because I can: I wish this didn’t sound so egotistical but the tools to share my thoughts about wine are well within the reach of tech geeks like me. I hope more folks with similar passions and technical chops follow, although it’s really pretty easy these days…

I hope I’ve shed some more light on why I do what I do and now will tag a few others in the wine blogosphere and ask the same question: Why do you blog?

St. Vini from The Zinquisition
Beau Jarvis from Basic Juice
Andrew Barrow from Spittoon and Wine Sediments
Tyler Coleman, a.k.a. Dr. Vino
Mark Fisher from Uncorked and The Dayton Daily News

You have all been tagged!

  • So the saying “all the cool kids are doing it” is a good enough reason to blog! Having grown up in the “outsiders” school, it’s good to see that we’re in on the “cool” side of things!

  • I’m glad you didn’t tag me! Seriously, I’ll have to give this some thought and write something up. Excellent discussion topic.

    And I agree it’s nice to be on the “cool” side of the world for a change. 🙂

  • Tim

    Like I said, it was cool a couple years back; not sure if it’s still the case or just nerdy but it really doesn’t matter anymore… at least to me.

  • Some of us technically un-savvy folks have managed to figure this darn-tootin internet blog thingamabob out too! 😉 Glad you played along. I hope that lots more folks will answer too, I really enjoy reading these!

  • I have to admit, that I failed at the “cool kid” game as well, and still find it difficult to believe that the popular crowd falls on this end of the scale. However, I will admit that whenever you mention that your job is related to any alcoholic substance whatsoever, there seems to be a universal, “No way! How lucky are you to score a job like that!”. If this constitutes a high “cool factor” than I guess I’m game.

    In reference to the techy side of wine life, it appears that I can only somewhat share your experience in that I have a wonderful husband to do the techy side. What I can say, is that I am always astounded and slighted awed by the marriage of both wine and technology. You would imagine that they would be incompatible, like buttery salty popcorn and sherry – an odd but lovely pairing – but it works.

    However, allow me to add that few people can actually pull off this pairing well, and you sir, do a great job. So thanks for participating and I hope others will continue the “wine do you blog?” Meme!

  • In my ever-so-humble-opinion, I think the used-to-be cool kids are still drinking Budweiser and white zin.

    But golly, the mere notion that this meme is trickling so quickly up through the vinosphere (instead of into MySpace) is supercool!

  • I hear the call… but will have to give the answer some thought. It will also have to wait awhile as I am jetting off to Spain where I hear they grow some grapes…

  • Tim

    Gabriella: I really appreciate your comments and for tagging me on this meme. Also looking forward to a bit of BBQ and vino on your roof garden this June 😉

    Russ: I’m also pleased this meme transfered so quickly from the blogosphere to the vinosphere; thanks for lighting the fuse.

    Andrew: Have fun in Spain and blog lots of wines! I will be there in June so I’ll keenly watch your picks. I’m also interested in why you blog when you get back.

  • Really just discovered your podcasts. Very informative..and “tasty”
    Thank you!

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