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El Radio Torcido

El Radio Torcido

by Tim Elliott on April 4, 2007

I’ve written quite a bit here about Twisted Oak winery but feel compelled to post once again as they continue to do interesting things from a marketing point of view. The latest is a commercial running on a local radio station in Calaveras County. California where the winery is located. Every winery wants to bring in both a local audience, who might become regular customers, and those from the surrounding region visiting on weekends. Most times this means inexpensive print ads in various visitor guides and stocking brochures around town but El Jefe is also doing a radio spot to drive customers into his tasting room.

On one hand this seems so 20th Century in the age of iPods but even I will switch from “AUX” to the radio when coming into an unfamiliar area to pickup local news and information. If a spot for a winery came on during those times I would certainly take notice and probably stop by the winery if I had a few extra minutes. And there is additional utility for the ad if the marketer posts an mp3 version on his blog that will gain much more exposure there than on the radio.

The bottom line for me is anything that continues the conversation about your winery is money well spent. Nice one, El Jefe!

Push play to listen: mp3

  • thanks Tim! We keep a computer for customer use in the tasting room in the winery – it gives us a chance to introduce people to the web site and blog, and also acts as a quick concierge for local info. I went on there yesterday to play the commercial and discovered that this computer did not have the Quicktime plug. So I added a link to just download the file below the player in the sidebar.

    Other than that, wait til you see what I have planned for next month…;-)

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