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The Dawn of Wine Microblogging

The Dawn of Wine Microblogging

by Tim Elliott on March 16, 2007

Twitter - like blogging fortune cookies!Last night I posted a proposal for other wine bloggers to start microblogging tasting notes on Twitter. Since then Dr. Debs from Good Wine Under $20 and Andrew Barrow from Spittoon have joined me and others have put my Winecast Twitter feed on their friends list.

A bit of clarification about how I will manage the friends vs. followers on this account since I think this might become somewhat larger over time. All bloggers who put me as a friend will be added as a friend only if they Twitter wine related subjects. For example, I will most likely use this for micro tasting notes of wines I am drinking at any given time but others might use it as sort of a mini email system about wine. An exchange between Dr. Debs in California and Andrew in the UK shows the power of such discussion. Everyone else will be added to my friends list on my personal account but you will still get notifications of my wine posts as a follower. Or you could just subscribe to the combined feed. I’ve added the Twitter feed to my right sidebar here for you to follow along, too.

Let’s see how many others will join the wine twitter movement… you don’t even have to be a blogger to join us.

  • What is annoying is that I cant get it to hook up with my IM software… the site is slow anyway but whatever I do with GTalk it just wont play ball. This would be the best way to use it I feel…

  • Tim

    Yes, I have had problems with Gtalk and Twitter, as well. SMS works great from your mobile as long as you have a smart phone or fluent in T-9.

    Thanks for wine twittering (there’s a Monty Python joke in there somewhere 😉

  • Hey Tim-

    I’m ready to geek-out with you on twitter. I was always intrigued by the idea of stream-of-conscious wine 2.0 app. I’ll be interesting to see where this goes.


  • Okay, I’ll play. I’m Sonadora (duh). How do I find friends though? My email is ctsonadora@gmail.com

  • Never mind, I figured out how to add people. Are y’all putting your feed as public or protecting it?

  • Tim

    I’m keeping all my Twitter feeds totally public, Sonadora. Welcome to the party 😉

  • 🙂 I added the feed to my blog. Does it take a while to populate? Me=techno-moron. So there’s a good chance I didn’t do it right, though I swear I finally figured out how to manipulate the html template the other day…

  • Tim

    Sonadora: You should be able to copy the feed address from the little orange XML button to the left of “Wine Twitter” on my sidebar and paste it into your aggregator. It doesn’t take but a minute or two to populate…

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  • Anyone tried twitterroo? I really like it, sits on the desktop in an non-obtrusive way and makes for easy twittering. BTW Tim how do you manage two accounts? Does it allow you to be logged into both at the same time?

  • Tim

    No, I haven’t run across twitterroo and a Google search doesn’t turn up anything. Please post a link, Ryan.

    To manage 2 accounts I am logged in with 2 browsers; Firefox has my personal account and Safari my winecast account. I’m also using Gtalk on winecast and AIM on my personal account when the IM works (it’s been up and down recently). And I just installed Twitget, a MacOS X dashboard widget for Twitter.

  • wrong spelling: http://rareedge.com/twitteroo/

    Thanks for the tips

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  • Erin Byrne

    I think this is a great idea and actually added you to my twitter a couple of weeks ago. I use twitter at work to communicate with my team – i originally intended to give them brief updates given i travel every week, but instead have been surprised by how much i enjoy snippets of their lives, both professional and personal updates. I imagine that twitter and other mini-blogs like it will grow in prominence and get integrated into other 2.0 apps. Should be interesting!

    I will definitely follow your lead and start publishing some tasting notes via twitter too. Keep up the great job!

  • Tim

    Thanks for Twittering, Erin… actually I’m somewhat surprised we haven’t seen more Twittered wine notes than we have but there is a core group of us doing so now. Perhaps in coming months more folks will join us bleeding edge types; or we’ll be onto the next thing 🙂

  • Actually, I think its a feature, not a thing unto itself. Tim, one of those things begging to be mashed up for the betterment of a greater site. Gary V of WineLibraryTV uses it for his “fans” to keep them up to date on happenings with WineLibrary. I think having this group of wine tasting notes exchanged is cool but as I get more experience with this little applet I think it will make the most sense as a web service that serves to supplement other sites and communities.

  • Tim: it would be great to get at least a weekly recommendation for a wine under $25-20 for those of us who love to get a bottle to enjoy on the weekend. I love the Wine Microblogging concept…I just subscribed and look forward to your updates. – Steve Runner

  • I got convinced by german winewriter Mario Scheuermann to start twittering next to my blog. I find the fast way to follow other Twitter-Users pretty cool. I’d wish there would be a possibility to do such a thing with a blogroll. What annoys me most is the maximum of 140 characters. Will you have to invent a very short cut descriptive language to show the real complexity of stunning wines? Twittering my daily “what am I doing NZ harvest work” is fun and fast!

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