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Twitter Your Tasting Notes With Me!

Twitter Your Tasting Notes With Me!

by Tim Elliott on March 15, 2007

My first micro-review on TwitterI’ve been using Twitter for the past few weeks and while I think there are some interesting aspects to it’s intended purpose of telling friends and the world what you are doing, the true utility is microblogging. Your “posts” are 140 characters in length and can be entered from a web browser, instant messaging client or even a mobile phone via SMS.

So I mashed up this idea in a Wine 2.0 sort of way and started to post short reviews of the wine I am drinking right now. These will be posted well before formal reviews and will sometimes have scores if my description is short enough. I invite anyone else to join me and add their Twitter feed to my friends list. If there are enough wine loving Twitter users, I might even create a community blog to aggregate all our posts. A domain has been purchased for the purpose. I think this has a lot of potential but could be just too geeky to see the truth 😉

Will anyone else join me?

  • I’m in. Sounds fun, and good for wines that I don’t review on the blog cause they’re too hard to find, or too expensive, or too old or too…

    You just want wine reviews, yes, not little notes like “reading new WS. Thinking about wine and quesadillas.”

  • Tim

    It’s up to you, Doc, but I’d keep it wine related 😉

    I’d do an Zin or Malbec with quesadillas, BTW…

    Who’s next to join the wine twittering movement?

  • Great minds, etc. I opened a Malbec just before I logged on!

  • I’ve been following the discussion of twitter on various tech sites both pros and cons and was wondering what the point was! Still I’ll give it a go Tim so as not always to appear negative on every web2.0 type of thing 🙂

  • I too appreciate the micro bogging aspect of twitter partly because I am still not geeky enough and also because I just don’t have a lot of time. Short twits I can do on wine, cocktails, food & travel. Is there a way to selectively add my wine twits to your experiment?

  • Tim

    Dani: What’s interesting is that the wine twitter community has turned this into an ad-hoc international chat room and few tasting notes are actually posted (even by me).

    If you write your tweets with @Winecast at the beginning, they will be posted in the wine twitter timeline.

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