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In Yesterday’s Baltimore Sun

In Yesterday’s Baltimore Sun

by Tim Elliott on February 26, 2007

I was alerted this morning that Winecast was mentioned in a short piece in yesterday’s Baltimore Sun about Wine Blogging Wednesday. For those not buying fish in the greater Baltimore area this week, the story is also on their website.

For the record, I don’t think WBW is a, “…cold, cruel substitute for an actual wine event.” Both online and offline wine tastings are great ways to discover new wines and develop friendships; WBW gives me the chance to share wines with a worldwide audience.

If you found my blog after reading the Sun article, you might want to read the summary post from the last WBW here.

I’ll also be on the Sun’s “Blography” podcast toward the middle of this week. I’ll post a link to it when it’s released.

  • I think that article is condescending and overly negative. Yes, tasting in person would be better, but “virtual tastings” are better than nothing at all. Besides, did anyone ever say that WBW is a real wine tasting anyway? Troy McCullough needs to get his facts straight before writing. If he continues to assume facts and base stories around them, he runs the risk of looking like a donkey; like he did with that story.

  • Why do they never provide active links in these articles?

  • Tim

    Thanks for your comments, guys.

    Ryan: I think reporters are predisposed to create an angle or edge on these sorts of pieces; at least we didn’t come off as a bunch of goof balls 😉

    Andrew: Good question as they reference the correct URL’s for both this site and Lenn’s. I’d guess it’s some sort of content management system limitation as they probably use a common database for both the newspaper and website. Disappointing from an SEO standpoint, however.

  • Active links are a cold cruel substitute for plain text…

    In this day and age it is possible to go from goofball to rock star overnight. For years my goofball friends and I have been building and flying rockets in the desert. Then “Mythbusters” comes along and suddenly, we’re cool!

    Give it time…:)

  • Tim, it’s always great to see blogs like yours get some attention in the MSM. Now we need to get Wine Spectator to write up WBW. 🙂

    And El Jefe–you won’t be as cool as Adam and Jamie until you blow up a cement truck in a quarry with explosives like they used. But you’re still cooler than me. 😉

  • hey Bill – Would you believe they blew up that *%#&@!-ing cement truck less than FIVE MILES from Twisted Oak Winery?! Of course, there was no advance publicity and of course, I was out of town….

    (I did, however, get to help blow things up at the winery when we were digging the cave – that was pretty cool!)

  • Tim

    Wow, somehow I didn’t peg you as an uber explosives nerd, el jefe 😉

    I hope you are right about The Spectator writing about wine blogs, Bill. I’m afraid they only get blogs about 50% right now but that’s 100% more than most other mainstream wine publications…

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