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A Successful Millennial Wine Publication

A Successful Millennial Wine Publication

by Tim Elliott on February 20, 2007

After reading the coverage of the demise of Wine X in the blogosphere, I took a look at eBob (OK, I was going to start a thread titled, “Wine X is dead; does anyone care?”). I found there a thread on the subject and a discussion that mainly focused on how much Wine X sucked.

Whatever the cause of Wine X ceasing publication is really not that interesting to me anymore so I started to think about what a successful wine publication would look like targeted at Millennials. For one, it would be online and more like My Space or Facebook than Wine Spectator. The social aspects of sharing tasting notes and linking to friends and blogging about wine would be the main focus with perhaps a bit of eCommerce thrown in for convenience (and site monetization). In short, more about the wine experience than degrees brix and terroir.

Sounds like some Wine 2.0 opportunities to me. Talk amongst yourselves 😉

  • Hello Tim,
    I think your opinion is spot on. Wine blogging is certainly a driving force on the online wine world. The passion for wine that is making some wine bloggers write is amazing and can really help other people get into wine.

    If you can match that with social aspects, then there’s huge potential for a very good service that suites both bloggers, regular readers (and tasters) on one side and wine shops and wineries on the other.

    :: http://www.Adegga.com

  • Tim

    Thanks for your thoughts, Andre. The more I think about this, the key element is two-way communication between blogger and reader where the reader also blogs (as opposed to today’s comment system).

    The next few months will be very interesting in this space from what I’m reading; stay tuned.

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