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Box wine the theme for WBW 31

Box wine the theme for WBW 31

by Tim Elliott on February 13, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday LogoEven before I could fix all the typos in my summary of WBW 30, Roger from the Box Wines blog announced the next theme for our monthly virtual tasting: Box Wines & Non-Traditional Packaging. While it might be fun to track down a crock of Lancer’s or Black Tower (do they still make that stuff?), I think I’ll stick with the box (or “cask”, if you prefer) this time out. With my cellar out of commission for the moment, a box in the cupboard might be just what I need right now.

Check back on March 14, 2007 for my selection and it won’t be Franzia, that’s for sure 😉

  • Black Tower – certainly do make it – and sell shed loads of it in the UK – along of course with Blue Nun! Made for the UK market from the cheapest grapes they can buy and a good dollop of Sussreserve added (grape juice) mean the average pleb in the UK thinks it’s sweet and delicious! Urgh!

  • Tim

    Black Tower WineThanks, Tim… a bit of web searching turned up Black Tower here, as well. But it’s not in the old black crock like it was when I drank it back in the 1980’s.

  • Kim

    I was going to suggest that idea to you, Tim, the other day. Thought of it after I tried a box of Bandit Merlot on a whim. I quite enjoyed it (found it at Haskell’s).

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