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Yes, It Got Worse…

Yes, It Got Worse…

by Tim Elliott on February 12, 2007

Damaged cellar

No injuries to family or wine so we are lucky on this one… it was kind of exciting with all those flashing lights, etc. 😉

  • Holy freaking [deleted]!

    Glad to hear that you and the family are all okay. The wine is a secondary priority.

    I wonder how the heck the plumber started a fire…

    I take it this means it’ll be a little while before we see the WBW 30 wrapup. 🙂

  • Tim

    Thanks Bill. The vino is insured so if any perished, I’d get them replaced if they could be found on the market.

    I should have the WBW summary posted shortly as I was down to the last four wines before all the excitement last night…

  • Glad to hear that you and your family are safe and sound. Sorry to hear all the trouble your frozen pipes caused!

  • Amazing! How did the fire start, I also wonder?? Anyway, glad that you are fine, the house is still standing, and that so is most of the wine at least. Hang in there!

  • Tim

    The plumber was using a blow torch to solder a burst pipe and started a smoldering fire in the rafters. When I checked on the pipes to make sure there were no leaks an hour after he left, the ceiling of my cellar looked like the embers of a dying fire. It was just starting to flame when I used our fire extinguisher on it. Then the fire department came with their axes and asked me to leave.

  • Rob

    What the…!!! I was just telling a wine friend to check out your site when I saw your latest postings. Pretty scary. Glad things turned out on the lucky side and everyone is safe.

  • Tim –

    Really glad to hear that the family was safe and sound! What a nightmare. Better to save the flashing lights and sirens for the State Fair next time!

    You mentioned that you were concerned about “possible” smoke damage to your wine collection… does that mean that corks really do breathe and that the air exchange permitted by a cork really does influence the wine? That could make for some interesting exchange with those that support screw caps.


    If you need help testing those bottle I’m sure you’ll have a few takers out there.

  • I’m glad to hear that the damage was limited to a small part of your house, and you and your family are fine. What an eventful Sunday night!

  • Doug Smith

    Ouch, Tim… sorry to see those photos! Glad you are all OK.

  • Wow. I’m glad that you were able to catch the fire quick before it got much worse. And I’m glad your family, home, and wine are all okay.

  • Tim

    Thanks, everyone! All is getting cleaned up now with quite a lot more work and expense than I expected. Thank goodness for insurance.

    There is an interesting thread over at eBob, David, that talks to the issue of smoke damage. To be sure, I think I’ll pop open a bottle of Goosecross Sauvignon Blanc to check condition 😉

  • I go away for a couple days and see what happens? Guess I had better stick around. Glad everything that matters is OK!

  • That’s quite a range of extreme activity for a Sunday night, alright. Thank goodness all is OK, Tim. I’m thinking a commemorative “Fire & Ice” label may come out of this somehow.

  • Tim

    That’s a great idea, Russ… I’ll have to take some better pictures before they fix everything 😉


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