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What a wine lover doesn’t want to see

What a wine lover doesn’t want to see

by Tim Elliott on February 11, 2007

A hole in the top of my cellar

Yes, friends, that’s a hole in the top of my wine cellar just cut moments ago by a plumber repairing a burst water pipe. That’s one of the not so good things about living where the winter temperatures are often below zero Fahrenheit in winter.

I’m pleased to report that no wine was damaged…

Update, 11:59 pm:  The fire department has been out for the past couple hours putting out the fire caused by the plumber… I fear wine has been lost but I did rescue my best bottles before the fire.  More later…

  • OUCH! Glad to hear that you, the wine, and the plumber are ok. How are the pipes?? As someone who used to live in upstate NY, I know burst pipes all too well, and the joys of standing with a hairdryer trying to make sure they DON’T burst.

  • Tim

    The plumber is still here soldering joints. We are not out of the woods yet and the house is full of smoke (not the good, Syrah-kind). I’m not digging this at all.

    More later… thanks for your comment, Doc!

  • Oh my goodness Tim! How horrible. Talk about adding insult to injury. I hope there was little damage done to the rest of your home as well as your wine.

    My thoughts are with you.

  • Tim, I’m soooo sorry to hear this. Having just been there it seems more real. I just glad to hear that you and your family are ok. With the cold as it is, not having a house would hurt more. I hope all gets back to normal, please keep us up to date! Best wishes from Spain!


  • Tim

    Lisa and Ryan: Thanks for your good thoughts; it could have been very much worse than it ended up being as a much larger fire would have developed. No one was hurt and I only have a huge hole in my cellar with bottles strewn all over my basement floor… we are lucky.

  • Hey, Tim! Lordy! The gang here at Goosecross is relieved that you’re OK and are sending all of our good wishes for you, your family and your wine! Nancy

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  • Alder

    Oh bummer. Seriously.

  • Tim

    Thanks, Alder… my wine collection is now in plastic bins strewn around my basement pending cleaning and reconstruction. Should only be a few weeks before the cellar is back in order. It could have been much, much worse.

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