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Another Wine 2.0 Chat Today

Another Wine 2.0 Chat Today

by Tim Elliott on February 3, 2007

It’s kind of late notice but I will be holding another online discussion about Wine 2.0 in about 2 hours. This time the service used will be Campfire and there is a limit to the number of participants so better show up early if you want to join us. This time I’ll pass the baton and have each person pose a question or comment to the group for discussion which should make it somewhat less confusing.

All the details are at our Google Groups page. I’ll post the transscripts there after the chat for future reference. I’ll let you know when the next chat will be held in a wrap-up post in the next couple days.

Update: The chat today was much more focused and easier to follow than earlier meetings. We will get together again on March 1st at 7:00 pm EST/4:00 pm PST/12:00 am GMT (Fri.)/ 11:00 am AEST (Fri.). The transcript has been posted to the Wine 2.0 Google Group. Thanks to all who participated.

  • I can’t believe I missed this annoucement by 2 hours! I guess I now know that I need to keep on top of the Wine 2.0 Google Groups forums. I see that Gregoire didn’t make it either so there was no French contingent?

    I hope that there will be a transcript posted somewhere.


  • Tim

    Not only was there no one from France, the whole of Europe was unrepresented. Hope to see you next time although it will be fairly late in the day your time.

    The transcript has been posted here:



  • Just read the transcript – sorry I missed it too – I only knew about it from this post.

    What I found confusing is that I didn’t know who the participants are or rather
    what they do. I know Tim as the wine cast guy but the others..?

    If I understand it correctly there was an idea for TN’s to be uploaded to ‘a site’ by SMS. How would this work – you would have to set the order of the text, allow for spelling mistakes, shorthand code (do you have that in the states) etc etc. Cant see it working myself. While mobile use is ubiquitous in the UK – even my elderly mother can send a text message – I dont see many people surfing the web on them. Even finding a restaurant, as was given as an example, isnt used much. Me and my friends are geeks but we dont bother…

    Not sure if it is relevant but my question would have been concerning web standards – should there be or is there a set of standards for transferring bloggers tn’s to online apps?

  • Tim

    Thanks for your thoughts, Andy. Let’s take your last question first… web standards for wine are here: http://groups.google.com/group/wineformats

    You might also find this site to be of interest: http://microformats.org

    The whole tasting notes via SMS and WAP was a fun discussion but I agree this will not be widespread in adoption (at least from the beginning). But the future is pointed in this direction so a combination between cell phone (or “mobile”) and computer is what I think will be the norm.

    As far as who was there, Hugo from The Oz Wine Show podcast, Jason from WineLog, Philip from Wine Messenger, El Jefe (Jeff) from Twisted Oak winery, Joshua from WineQ and myself were there. See you next month, Andy?

  • Hey, Can I suggest we try our online meeting on the new Yugma FREE service. Comes with free telephone conferencing for up to about 50 people! And the web conferencing portion is free for up to 11 (the host can invite 10 other people). Works great with all of the VoIP services (Google talk, Skype, etc.). Works on Windows and Mac. I’ve found it to be fast (real time) and reliable. Worth a try some time, if we want to present things to each other. Best of all, it’s free. See what you think. Could enhance the “sharing of information”…
    – Paul

  • I’ll certainly try and make the next one.

    These microformats – you are using these already? (example?) and they are being picked up which apps?

  • Tim


    Thanks for the idea, and I would love to help out a local Web 2.0 start-up, but not everyone on the chat is wired for sound. Plus, it would be too much like herding cats, I think 😉

    We’ll stay in Campfire for the moment, with pickup meetings in Lingr.

  • Tim


    Both Cork’d and Scrugy use microformats right now. All the other Wine 2.0 sites are looking into implementing these if they already haven’t done so already.

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