My Apologies to IE Users

by Tim Elliott on January 31, 2007

For the past several weeks my blog theme has not displayed correctly in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 7. For some months there have been minor issues that have not been more than an annoyance but now the site is almost unreadable. I have decided to abandon my efforts at fixing my current theme after several hours of fiddling and switch to a completely new theme later tonight. There should be no display problems with this new theme on any web browser.

I apologize to readers who use IE to view the site. Firefox, Opera, Safari, Camino, Flock and SeaMonkey users are unaffected.

Update 2/1: It took a bit longer than expected but the theme is now in place and seems to display fine across all browsers and platforms. There is still a bit of tweaking to go and navigation to add, but enjoy.

Update 2: Safari on the Mac is not displaying correctly; I am working on it…

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