Announcing WBW 30: New World Syrah

by Tim Elliott on January 24, 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesday LogoMy second turn hosting Wine Blogging Wednesday has come a bit sooner than I expected, but I’m pleased to announce the theme for our 30th edition of this virtual tasting event. You will remember last summer I chose the theme of Lite (alcohol) Reds and we had a great turnout and some interesting wines were tasted and blogged. This time I thought of going a bit in the other direction and selected a theme that would not be difficult for participants to find great wines and provide some warmth for those of us with snow on the ground.

So the theme of WBW 30 is New World Syrah/Shiraz.

The only rule here is the wine needs to be made from at least 51% Syrah or Shiraz and come from the New World. That leaves quite a bit of freedom to find great examples from Australia, South Africa or the United States. Other places to check out are Chile and Argentina where some interesting Syrah is being produced. Your wine can be 100% Syrah/Shiraz or a blend. It can be a simple $5 Washington State bottling or Penfolds Grange. Whatever expression of the classic grape of The Rhone made outside of it’s Old World home is what I’m proposing.

Join me on or before February 7th by posting your tasting notes on your blog and sending me an email with your name and blog URL. If you don’t have a blog, just email your notes to me and I will post them here. Incidentally, Lenn and I chose February 7th since the next 2 Wednesdays are Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday.

Hope you can find a wine in 2 weeks or less and join the fun!

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  • John

    Wow this is a wide field to choose from. I just picked up some Aussie Shiraz but im tempted to open up one of my cellared CA Syrahs…..hmmmmm…..we shall see.


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  • Lisa

    I guess it will be a good challenge for me to find an interesting new-world Syrah in Bordeaux! I wonder what is made in large enough production that it might make it to France, but is still interesting to taste.

    Congrats Tim on hosting WBW again so soon!


  • Tim

    I’ll bet there is something in the Rosemount or Penfolds range you should be able to find in those mega grocery stores you have in France, Lisa 😉

    I’d go Cali, John; got an eye on a few bottles of Pax in my cellar; one might get the call here…

  • Sonadora

    I’m thinking CA too….too many good ones hanging out on our racks here to tempt me!

    Thanks for hosting!

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  • Jim

    I am going to change our bi-weekly wine tasting to New World Syrah and have my entire staff pay attention to the WBW event.

  • Tim

    I’m honored, Jim; thanks. Hope you join in with a blog post and encourage your guests to do the same. Non-bloggers can just send me their notes via email and I will post them the day of the event.


  • Jules van Cruysen

    While I am going to focus on some of my favourite Hawkes Bay Syrah I was wondering if it was permissable to include wines grown in the old world but outside of thier traditional homeland? In short, is Syrah from Italy and Spain within bounds?

  • Tim


    While Syrah from Italy and Spain are interesting, they are not what I am looking for here. Stick with your Hawkes Bay vino, please 😉

  • Cru Master

    This theme sounds fantastic – love the challenge! oh dear im goint o have to go out and taste a whole lot of great new world syrah!!

    hopefully i can find some really great example from here in south africa!

  • Tim

    Cru Master,

    I’m sure you will find several nice Shiraz from South Africa to choose. You might try Stormhoek’s bottling, for example.


  • Lisa

    May I suggest someone try the Bridge Pa Vineyard Louis Syrah 2004, from Hawke’s Bay New Zealand. It won a Decanter Trophy in 2006. Available in the U.K through From NZ I also suggest Vidal Estate Joseph Soler syrah 2004,Passage Rock Syrah 2005, Craggy Range Le Sol Syrah 2002 and Trinity Hill ‘Homage’ Syrah 2004 – all new world stunners.

  • jens at cincinnati wine

    This is great as Syrah is my new favorite varietal. I am enjoying the d’ Arenberg Laughing Magpie as we speak, but will pull another bottle for the event, either something from Paso Robles or El Dorado. Good luck with the ZAP tasting!

    jens at cincinnati syrah warehouse

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  • CookingChat

    Looking forward to finding a bottle today (and sumptuous meat dish to match)! syrah in my cellar is most likely to be cote du rhone and I think that’s the case today.

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  • Kelly

    We’re in with a British Columbia syrah. I haven’t been able to find my favourite BC syrah in stores lately, but I’ll pick up something interesting.

  • Tim

    Kelly: Looking forward to hearing about your B.C. Syrah. I have yet to taste any wines from Western Canada.

    Jens: Glad you like the theme enough to change your blog’s name 😉

    Thanks for th tip on the NZ Syrah, Lisa (surprised it’s not called Shiraz).

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  • sport shoes

    While I am going to focus on some of my favourite Hawkes Bay Syrah I was wondering if it was permissable to include wines grown in the old world but outside of thier traditional homeland? In short, is Syrah from Italy and Spain within bounds?

  • Keith Bennett

    I wanted to let your reader know that COSTCO (my beloved Seattle-based box store) has lately been stocking many syrah wines from the US, Austrailia and South America – What wonderful wine! –Keith from Southern California

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