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Why Wineries Should Blog #6

Why Wineries Should Blog #6

by Tim Elliott on December 31, 2006

That was 3 months ago, folks.

In writing up my last review, I looked for the W.H. Smith website to link to but also to look up the fact sheet since I didn’t capture the alcohol percentage in my notes. What I found there was an out of date website. Nothing that serious but anoying to someone like me looking for information about a wine released 3 months ago.

I’m sure the reason for this is the agency or designer who put this site up is also the webmaster and it takes several emails or phone calls to get anything updated. Running a winery is busy enough without having to worry about keeping your website up to date. It doesn’t have to be this way as open source blog software like Wordpress is free which can create websites that anyone can edit with a web browser. So even if you don’t want to blog, you can use this software to build your website; check out this site to see what I mean.

This type of thing is becoming increasingly important as wine enthusiasts look to find out about specific wines. Perhaps there’s a business here for some enterprising marketer with technical chops 😉

  • Hi Tim 🙂
    Happy new year!

    May I translate this post and publish it in Vino 2.0?
    I will credit and link to you, obviously …

  • Tim

    Sure, Giusy, my license permits you to translate and post as long as you don’t charge anyone for it. And there are another 5 posts in the series from earlier in the year.


  • Thanks, Tim 🙂
    don’t worry, nobody will be charged!
    I’ll message you when it’s ready.


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