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Top 10 Posts of 2006

Top 10 Posts of 2006

by Tim Elliott on December 30, 2006

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to take a quick look back on 2006. This was a mixed year for me, with some great times but also some pretty crappy times. The most popular posts here point almost exclusively to the good, as expected:

1. Proposal For A Virtual Wine 2.0 Event – Late in the year I became interested in the intersection of Web 2.0 and wine and held a couple online virtual meetups to discuss this subject further. The first one in Second Life was well attended but not as fruitful as the most recent event in Lingr. Still lots of work to do here.

2. Wine 2.0 Just Another Webstore? – My musings about if Wine 2.0 was only about eCommerce provoked a lot of good discussion on the subject. A lot more where that comes from in 2007.

3. Wine 2.0 Meetup Deux on Tuesday – My posting for the second virtual meetup on Wine 2.0; more was learned on the second attempt but it is still difficult to decode from the transcripts.

4. WBW 22 – Lite (alcohol) Reds – My first turn at bat hosting Wine Blogging Wednesday went very well with a great turnout and some very interesting wines blogged. Stay tuned for my next time hosting sometime in 2007, this time featuring my favorite white varietal.

5. Do Scores Here Really Matter? – This year I switched from the vague 20 point scale to the more precise 100 point scale but I took my time about making a decision. The discussion here helped me put the issue into the correct perspective to make my final choice.

6. Virtual Wine 2.0 Meetup This Week – Wine 2.0, blah, blah, blah, etc.

7. Wine 2.0 Minifesto – OK, this really sucked, big time, as Peter Gabriel might say. I’m gonna take another crack at this in January; maybe Hugh will link to me this time 😉

8. A bump in the road… – What a way to start the year, getting canned in a crappy job. Probably was for the best as it offered me an entry into the wine industry. More on this subject in the new year…

9. Should Negative Wine Reviews Be Published? – Perhaps my most important post of the year that still is having an impact. A Google of Graeme Miller Wines today still brings up 50% negative posts on the first page of results (my post is at the top of page 2).

10. Is Wine Too Niche For Web 2.0? – My first post in the Wine 2.0 meme. The answer is “no” by the way 🙂

Thanks for your support this year and I am very much looking forward to 2007.

  • Interesting–I’ve been a big Peter Gabriel fan for years, but have not found a way to integrate a link to his site into one of my posts. Well done! 🙂

  • hmmm… sounds like a challenge – in the next week we should all try to work a reference to Peter Gabriel into one of our posts – maybe it could become some sort of Wine Bloggers Challenge of the Week! Bwa ha ha… guess I’ll have to head up on Solsbury Hill or down to Mercy Street and figure something out…

  • Tim

    Who would have thought wine bloggers were so into Mr. Gabriel’s work (and, I suspect, early Genesis when he was the front man)?

    Perhaps there is a “Music Blogging Monday” movement building?


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