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Winecast Turns 2 Today

Winecast Turns 2 Today

by Tim Elliott on December 19, 2006

In my studio with my friends...
Twenty-four months ago I installed Wordpress, downloaded Audacity, plugged an Xbox karaoke mic into my laptop and hit record. What came out was the first episode of Winecast and the first podcast about wine. Since then, I’ve produced 69 more full length podcasts and 5 Quick Picks shows. Not a lot of content in the scheme of things but still a decent body of work, I think. I’ve also been joined by scores of other great wine podcasts in these last couple years.

After briefly considering calling it quits a couple months ago, I decided to dive into the wine blogging and podcasting waters even deeper in my third year. Not only will I return to my weekly frequency for the classic podcast, I will also make Quick Picks a regular mid-week feature. I’m developing another podcast right now that may or may not come under the Winecast banner, so 2007 will be a great year for this podcast, and, I hope, it’s host.

Thanks to all who supported the show this year and for all your comments. The best is truly yet to come…

PS: If you already like what I’ve done, you could also Digg the show 🙂

  • Congrats, Tim, on Winecast’s birthday. You’ve been a pioneer in this space and I’m very happy to see that you decided not to pack it in. Viva la Winecast!

    Many happy returns!

  • Tim,

    Congratulations on the first two years of Winecast. Josh says it best…you are one of the pioneers and are doing all you can to push what wine bloggers/podcasters forward in new directions. Love it.


  • Congratulations, Tim. Your podcast opened up the world of blogs and podcasts for me (and I suspect for others, too). I still love seeing that there is a new podcast on iTunes. I know my commute that day will be painless!

  • Tim

    Thanks for the good wishes, guys. I read your blogs and they are the main reason I didn’t hang it up in October.

    Like a lot of podcasters, my production process got way out of control and what should take an hour starts to take 4 or 5 hours. Complicate this with a bit of personal career crisis and a Mac that crashed and ate an entire podcast, and you just throw up your hands and say, “I quit.”

    But the next morning I read posts from your blogs, and many others, that inspired me to continue with the podcast and also add my voice to the conversation more in text form. What followed was a meme about “Wine 2.0” which is still building and a lot of other new and interesting discussions. I also figured out a couple ways to reduce my production time significantly.

    So thanks for doing what you do, guys; it really makes a difference.

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