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Wine 2.0 Meetup December 19th

Wine 2.0 Meetup December 19th

by Tim Elliott on December 8, 2006

We’ll be getting together for another online discussion regarding Wine 2.0 on December 19th at 9pm EST/6pm PST/2am (Wed.) GMT/1:00 pm (Wed.) AEST. This time we will hold the session in the more traditional chat room format in Lingr. Our Wine 2.0 room is here.

We’ll start with a round of introductions followed by a business model chat and cap the evening off with a more geeky technical discussion (go here to get a taste of what I mean). Please post any other agenda items to the comments here and I will add them to the final agenda posted closer to the event. This meeting is open to anyone interested and there is no limit to the amount of participants. To keep some sort of order (if we need it), I’ll act as the moderator.

Since it was fun to have a wine to go along with the conversation last time, I propose we drink Tempranillo this time (Rioja Spain, Portugal or Calaveras Co., CA; your choice). Hope to see you there.

  • Tempranillo? Great! Just try this ABR – Any but Rioja, while rioja makes nice wine, sooooooooo many other regions over here includign portugal are making more afforadable and more interesting ones. So now the recommendation? Well, I’m back in the states in one week, maybe I can then see what is being offered, and make a suggestion! If I have a computer set up by the 19th I might try to stop by for the chat, now that I’ll be in the same time zone.

  • Twisted Oak makes a great Tempranillo if you can get a hold of it. And Jeff, Twisted Oak owner, will probably be in the chat.

    I’m also fond of Mano a Mano from Chile.

    See y’all on the 19th.

  • Tim

    Ha! You got me, Ryan. I’ll change the post to reflect your suggestion since you are my Spanish wine expert…

    My little note on the appellation in my post was a shout-out to Jeff. I’m trying to find Twisted Oak Tempranillo here in the Twin Cities to have along with our discussion. See you in a couple weeks, Jason.

  • Good lord gents! You could have gotten our Tempranillo with free shipping via RadCru all this week! The offer is no longer shown on their page, but the ordering page is still up on our site here:


    At least for a few more hours! hint hint…!

    I’ll still try and run down a local source for you. See you on the 19th!

  • I look forward to making it to this event.

    See you then.


  • Hey Tim, I’m hopefully in on the 19th. I’m flying back your way the next morning so it might be a bit tight.
    One of the topics I’m curious to discuss is just what kind of horizon are we looking at where the rich media we produce can be easily discovered while people are mobile. It’s one thing to grab a tasting tour podcast like http://www.cellarrat.org/archives/2006/04/ratcast_36_smit.html before you leave for a wine vacation, but what makes the whole long tail thing work is if you can discover this while you’re driving north out of Napa. Just-in-time, locations specific, etc.


  • hey Tim – according to our distributor in MN they have delivered our Tempranillo to the following stores:

    Chisago Warehouse Liquors
    Liquor Works
    Red Lion Liquors
    Solo Vino

    They delivered the greatest quantity to Solo Vino, FWIW.

    cheers! – j

  • Tim

    Good news, Jeff; I picked up a bottle at Solo Vino this week and it sleeps in my cellar tonight. I’m looking forward to giving it a try next week and posting a review.

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