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Wine 2.0 and The Long Tail

Wine 2.0 and The Long Tail

by Tim Elliott on November 29, 2006

Jeff at Good Grape posted an interesting piece about the Long Tail today that got me thing about Wine 2.0. Since I don’t expect most of you to be über web marketing geeks like Jeff and me, I’ll back up and start with some definitions.

First, what I call “Wine 2.0” is basically the so-called Web 2.0 applications in the context of wine. I’ve also expanded it a bit in my Minifesto to include wine marketing. The Long Tail is an idea that was first proposed by Chris Anderson in a piece in Wired magazine and later expanded into a book of the same name. The main thesis is that the internet enables a market for very small demand products or services that would not be economical in traditional distribution models.

By this logic very small wine producers can find ready markets online that would be not viable in the standard three tier distribution model.

So Wine 2.0, to me, is basically an online medium for producers of any size to connect with buyers and sell stuff.

Hmm, 370 or so words in the Minifesto now reduced to 20… Yea, that’s about right 😉

PS:  In reading what I posted, I must say that I totally missed the social aspects of sharing recommendations, tasting notes, etc. previously discussed here.  It’s late… more tomorrow night after the meetup.

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