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Virtual Wine 2.0 Meetup This Week

Virtual Wine 2.0 Meetup This Week

by Tim Elliott on November 27, 2006

The vineyards at Capozzi Island

Just a reminder that the Wine 2.0 get-together in Second Life is coming up this Thursday evening, November 30, 2006. It will be held on Capozzi Island from 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST/2:00 am GMT.

To date, I have 12 confirmed attendees; a good cross-section of Wine 2.0 site entrepreneurs, wine bloggers and winery folks. There is still plenty of room for more attendees, just post your Second Life name here or at the other post and I will send you a friendship offer (from “Vino Rosetta”) and Josh will put you on the list to teleport to his island (from “RussianRiver Vallely”).

We’ll start off with a few general remarks, then split up in groups to mix and discuss the current state of “Wine 2.0” (roughly, wine + Web 2.0 + social media, but I’m hoping we flesh this out a bit more). I’ll post a summary of the event after we finish, which will probably be an hour or so given that we will be typing the whole time. Also, it was suggested that we have a wine to enjoy along with our discussion, so I’m going to follow El Jefe’s suggestion of making Grenache the official varietal of this event.  It doesn’t matter where the wine comes from, as long as it’s mostly Grenache and good 😉

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and advancing the conversation.

  • Hey, Tim. I’m going to try to make it over there, but will be in Santa Ynez that day and might not make it back in time. My SecondLife name is DrDebs Losangeles. If you want to wait and see if there is space that’s fine by me. I’ll log on when I get home and see if I can get on the Island.

  • Hey Tim, put me down under “Hugo Cordeaux”. It’ll be 1pm friday in Sydney so i’ll have to pair a nice grenache with lunch.

  • Still trying to figure out what last name I’m going to live with for the rest of my (Second) life. Apparently Second Life has worked their way down to “recent Olympic Archery medalists” (I’m not kidding) as their last name criteria.

    It’s down to either Holgado or Packbiers…! Or I miss the gathering and hold out for Olympic Curling medalists… decisions… – j

  • I’ve decided to go with it and be “ElJefe Packbiers”, named after the famous Olympian Jan Joseph Packbiers – who with his 7 mates in 1920 won the Gold Medal in “Team Moving Bird Target, 28m”, er, Archery.

    Please put me on the list. I’ll be there with a bottle of 2004 Twisted Oak Grenache and no clue 🙂

    thanks! – j

  • Tim

    Whew, good to hear you will join us, El Jefe. I was gettin’ worried…

    Don’t forget your (virtual) rubber chicken 😉

  • Hey Tim – I will be there for tomorrow’s event. Finding a Second Life name is tough! I ended up with “Fra Frangilli”.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow.


  • Tim

    Gotcha Kevin. See ya tomorrow night… sort of, anyway 🙂

  • Man oh man. El Jefe is going to be merciless when he sees what is currently passing for our vineyard row textures in SL…I kinda wish he held out for the Olympic curling medalists. :p

    Hey Tim, if you could forward me the attendees list tonight so that I can get the names inputted (is that grammatically correct?) that would be greeat, mmkay.

    Look forward to seeing everyone online.

  • Tim

    Just sent the list Josh. Should be a great meetup…

    Still plenty of room for more attendees.

  • WG

    Hi people – this looks interesting. Have you seen that there is already a Wine 2.0 site out there called Virtual Wine, and their next live online interactive event is on Saturday – check out http://www.virtualwine.co.uk/event_details.php?eventid=16

    I’ve done one before with some friends and we had a great time – heaps of fun!

    Chat soon!

  • Tim

    Looks like fun, WG, but our event is not a virtual wine tasting but a meetup to discuss the future of wine community sites, wine marketing, etc. We’ll have a little juice to help facilitate this process 😉

  • hey Josh – no worries, because I’ll be the one bumping into people and displaying the limitations of my real time keyboard skills… apologies to all in advance!

    Besides, I’ve already seen the screen cap gracing the top of this post. I’m sure those vines growing in the ocean will produce some interesting juice!

    “see” ya! – j

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