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A Call To Arms, Answered

A Call To Arms, Answered

by Tim Elliott on November 24, 2006

Jeff over at the most excellently re-lauched Good Grape blog was pondering the other day about the lack of hard-edged opinion in the wine blogosphere. It seems like we all write up our wine news, post tasting notes, participate in our monthly rituals and discuss the odd topic, but there are few dissenting voices.

Sure, you have St. Vini (formerly Huge Johnson) pointing the stick in the side of the wine business every once in a while and Alder has his rants, but nothing is close to the tone of someone like Jason Calacanis or the writers of Valleywag.

I agree with Jeff’s thoughts on this issue and will join him in arms here in coming days, weeks and months.

Arrr! It be time for a manifesto after ye smartly hoist me colors!!

Ye flag. Avast!

  • Thanks Tim! I really think if wine bloggers took a columnist approach and proffered a defensible opinion on issues, we’d move along progressively at a more rapid pace. Thanks for being a brother-in-arms!


  • Tim

    Agreed; I’ll be taking on more of an edge and moderating my “Minnesota nice” attitude… don’t you think it’s funny that two Midwestern wine bloggers are stirring the pot on this one?

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