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Proposal For A Virtual Wine 2.0 Event

Proposal For A Virtual Wine 2.0 Event

by Tim Elliott on November 15, 2006

Capozzi Island
So the conversation has started and there seems to be some interest in trying to figure out what this Wine 2.0 thing is all about. I’d like to propose a Wine 2.0 meet-up in two weeks open to anyone who is interested to participate. Since we might be living in different parts of the country, or planet, let’s meet in the virtual world of Second Life (it’s free, cool and very Wine 2.0 centric).

Josh from Pinotblogger has graciously made his island available for this meeting. Post here if you are interested, with your Second Life name, so we can make sure we have enough space for everyone who wants to attend.

The date is November 30th; the time 6:00 pm PST/9:00 pm EST/2:00 am GMT.

I’m Vino Rosetta; hope to see you there.

  • Philip James

    i (pipsqueak mcclure) will be there

  • ill be there too. (California Maverick)

  • Tim

    Thanks, Philip and Ryan.

    So you don’t freak out next time you log into Second Life, I have sent you a friendship offer (I’m Vino Rosetta). You’ll probably also get one from Josh (a.k.a. RussianRiver Vallely) who will let you on his island. I’ll do the same for everyone else who signs up and post an agenda, or at least some ideas for talking points, sometime next week.

  • I attempted to create a name (Juicecowboy Goalpost and Wine Market) and it told me

    “Wine Market, You are unable to create an account at this time.

    Linden Lab reserves the right to limit the number of Second Life accounts an individual may have. If you feel you’ve reached this message in error, please email customer support at support@lindenlab.com

    I’ll attempt to contact them…

  • Tim

    Sorry to hear you are having problems signing up, Joel. Maybe if you used another email address or tried some other names it would work… I got mine set-up without any problems the first time.

  • I’m very new to this whole Wine 2.0 thing, but it’s intriguing. So, count me in on the event (I’m CarpeVinum Forager).

    One question–is it 9PM EDT or EST, considering we’re no longer on daylight savings time. 🙂

  • Tim

    My mistake about the time, Bill (now fixed in the post). It IS 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. Looking forward to seeing you there.

  • Rob

    I’ve created my Second Life account and I look forward to joining the meeting and discussion. (In my Second Life, I’m “Sips Supply”.)

  • Geogiant Walsh

    I’ll try to be there is SL. My Name is Geogiant Walsh in SL. I am new to SL and fairly new to Wine. Looking forward to joining everyone. Since it is a far enough in the future, maybe we could do a vitural tasting. Everyone buy the same bottle in real life. What about the Yellowtail Reserve of some sort? (figuring everyone can get it).

  • Tim

    Thanks for joining the fun, guys…

    I’m not sure about the virtual tasting but I’ll think about it, Geogiant. Perhaps if we were drinking Kosta Browne Pinot I’d be more receptive to the idea 🙂

  • If I somehow manage to consolidate my defecation in time I’ll be there as something like “Jefe Protagonist” – whatever, I’m sure you’ll know me. That’s assuming I figure out how to get in and teleport myself to the island.

    The virtual tasting – why not pick a varietal and go with it? Anyone up for Grenache?-)

  • I’m in too. My SL name is Tresora Stonewall.

  • Tim

    Alright, El Jefe, Grenache it is… if I can find a store that stocks your juice here in the fly over states, I’ll pick it up. If not, it’s Rhone for me.


  • Well, I hate making a suggestion like that and then not being there, so I guess I’m going to have to figger it out!

    Right now I am reeling from the fact that all of the available last names are especially lame, and the two I thought might be OK yesterday are gone today! But no worries yet – “ElJefe Leroy” was probably too weird anyway…

    Tim: The only place in the grand middle you might find our juice right now is MN or CO, and they probably won’t have our Grenache. (We’re working on IL and IN, and maybe even TX.) A decent Chat. du Pape may have to do….

    “see” ya! – j

  • Tim

    El Jefe,

    As luck would have it, I live in Minneapolis and I see my favorite local store, Solo Vino, stocks Twisted Oak. I’ll call them next week and see if they have the Grenache.

    See you next week…

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  • I’m there: ‘Mudita Wilber’. I’ve been following your Wine 2.0 posts with real interest, and look forward to participating in this discussion.

  • Finally got mine going…

    “Winelife Forager”


  • Look for Marshy Flossberg — I got more flavor than a pinot.

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  • SL name: Wineboffin Flossberg

  • My SL name is “Calben Gastel” see you there!

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