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Mainstream Wine Critic Doesn’t Get Wine Blogs

Mainstream Wine Critic Doesn’t Get Wine Blogs

by Tim Elliott on October 4, 2006

I’ve been a fan of Jancis Robinson for many years since I tackled the first edition of her great volume, Vines, Grapes and Wines, so it was great to see her address wine blogs in my aggregator. Alas, Ms. Robinson disappoints with a tepid piece on how she occasionally reads Eric Asimov’s blog and likes wine-journal.com who wouldn’t know RSS from Richebourg. Even the comments don’t mention Vinography or any of my top picks in the wine blogosphere. Guess I better take matters into my own hands…

  • I’m pretty new to the blog world and I by no means call myself an expert, but I agree with you. Granted, I do give mention to Eric Asimov’s editorial on Australian reislings in my latest post (I only have three so far). But I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader – I just thought the article was interesting and commented – as happens with most issus that catch my eye. I have researched many of the blogs out there and can distinguish the good, the bad, and the ugly. If reading even the ugly ones teach people something about wine, I think eventually they’ll learn for themselves which ones they should really be reading regularly. One could say it’s a matter of taste, but I think there’s more to it than that.

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  • Tim

    Thanks for stopping by and for your thoughts, Adrianne. I’ve subscribed to your blog and see you have gotten off to a good start. Keep the posts coming…

  • I don’t think she really investigated the blog world much do you? I mena she managed to find TWO wine blogs – out of how many?? The email newsletter format to which she refers is dead and buried I am afraid – HRH may be good at sniffing wine but the online world has totally passed her by.

  • Tim

    I agree that Jancis didn’t do much homework here but she did start out saying she doesn’t have much time for such things. Although she remains my favorite British wine writer, you are still my favorite British wine blogger 😉

  • Jancis Robinson, as well as other well established wine writers and authorities are invaluable to the industry in the regard that they have been instrumental in codifying the vast, ever-growing body of knowledge that is produced by all things related to wine and viticulture. What is intriguing about the blogosphere is that it allows the opportunity for a more nuanced and holistic approach to the world of wine. At “Dionysian Writes” we offer a place-specific report (Napa Valley) in a global context, while simultaneously petitioning for right stewardship and education and dissemination of information regarding Biodynamic Viticulture.

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