The Curse of the 100-point System?

by Tim Elliott on August 15, 2006

For a while now I’ve posted a poll on the right sidebar here asking for your thoughts about which wine rating system I should use. For a time after a software upgrade it did not work, but I put it back up a few days ago and more votes have been recorded. I’ve also been tasting and writing a couple of podcasts, which have interestingly brought this issue to the forefront and support the move to the Parker/Tanzer/Wine & Spirits/Wine Enthusiast/Wine Spectator 100-point system (I know, there are fine points between each of these, but most consumers don’t understand this and think they are all equivalent; then there’s the “Dvorak Scale”).

Anyway, I was just about to announce and implement my change to a 100-point system when I read this piece in the Sunday New York Times. Good food for thought that has me reconsidering action for the rest of this month. Cast your vote or make a comment here. A final decision will be taken in early September.

Update: Stephen Bainbridge comments on the issue; hmm…

Update 2: Tom Wark makes some good points regarding the NY Times piece.

  • MalB


    Good piece, great article links and good topic.

    re: wine scoring systems – we recently had a similar debate (sometimes an argument) amongst a number of wine bloggers in Australia

    See blogs and comments @


  • MalB

    PS – I voted for the 100 point system!

  • Tim

    Thanks for the links, Mal. I read the first one when you posted but not the comments until now. Great discussion pro and con. I also like your approach to scoring with the ranges and not an absolute score… great food for thought.

    I’m going on holiday later this week and will continue to consider the move to the 100-point standard; resistance seems futile 😉

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