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The Curse of the 100-point System?

The Curse of the 100-point System?

by Tim Elliott on August 15, 2006

For a while now I’ve posted a poll on the right sidebar here asking for your thoughts about which wine rating system I should use. For a time after a software upgrade it did not work, but I put it back up a few days ago and more votes have been recorded. I’ve also been tasting and writing a couple of podcasts, which have interestingly brought this issue to the forefront and support the move to the Parker/Tanzer/Wine & Spirits/Wine Enthusiast/Wine Spectator 100-point system (I know, there are fine points between each of these, but most consumers don’t understand this and think they are all equivalent; then there’s the “Dvorak Scale”).

Anyway, I was just about to announce and implement my change to a 100-point system when I read this piece in the Sunday New York Times. Good food for thought that has me reconsidering action for the rest of this month. Cast your vote or make a comment here. A final decision will be taken in early September.

Update: Stephen Bainbridge comments on the issue; hmm…

Update 2: Tom Wark makes some good points regarding the NY Times piece.

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