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Final Warning: WBW 22 is Tomorrow!

Final Warning: WBW 22 is Tomorrow!

by Tim Elliott on June 13, 2006

If you haven’t yet shopped for your wines for the next installment of our monthly, global virtual tasting known as Wine Blogging Wednesday, you best get to it. I’ve been to 5 wine stores so far and found more than I expected to choose from but only settled on two selections thus far. I think a visit to the wine SWAT team at Solo Vino might be my final stop this evening. Just pick up any red wine (and not rosé) that is 12.5% ABV or less, taste it and blog away.

Early bird bloggers have already posted their entries, including the first 1er Cru Bordeaux reviewed on WBW. Join me tomorrow for all the fun and be sure to trackback or email your post to me so I can blog the summary soon after the event.

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