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LENNDEVOURS Takes on Vino From All 50 States!

LENNDEVOURS Takes on Vino From All 50 States!

by Tim Elliott on March 29, 2006

My blogging buddy Lenn, of Wine Blogging Wednesday fame, has just announced his intention to taste and blog about wines made in all 50 states in a period of just 50 weeks over at the new Wine Sediments blog. Since I have been podcasting and blogging, I have tasted wines from just six states (CA, OR, WA, NY, MN and AR). It is with great admiration and excitement that I view Lenn’s commitment and have pledged to help him find the best vino coming out of the upper midwest. So I will be visiting as many Minnesota wineries as possible over the spring and summer with the goal of putting the best foot forward for my adoptive state of residence. I’ll also be posting my impressions and tasting notes here as I taste my way through the wines of the land of Lake Wobegon.

Best of luck on your quest, Lenn!

  • DancingDavidE

    Let me know if you guys need some Illinois suggestions.

    I think I’ve got CA, OR, WA, NM (once at a tasting), OK (a regrettable wine, but I have heard there are some decent ones), IL, CO (in my cellar but not yet consumed). IA should be next for me, the industry is going crazy there. Oh, and MO. I really like the Stone Hill wines from Hermann, Missouri. Also St. James Winery on I-44 was good too. Stopped of there on the way from Illinois to college at Oklahoma State.

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