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Winecast 55 – Concannon Vineyard

Winecast 55 – Concannon Vineyard

by Tim Elliott on March 14, 2006

Today’s show is a bit different from my normal format of talking about a wine varietal or region, into what I hope will be a monthly feature I’m calling vintner profile. The idea is to give you the back-story directly from the people in the business, both winery owners and winemakers. In this first outing, I talk with one of the great gentlemen of the California wine business, Jim Concannon from Concannon Vineyard in Livermore, CA. With St. Patrick’s Day later this week, I though Concannon, America’s first Irish winery, would be a great place to start this series.

Show Notes:
00:22 – Welcome and Show Theme
01:22 – Jim Concannon Interview
16:28 – Tasting Notes
16:53 – Concannon Vineyard, Chardonnay, Central Coast, “Selected Vineyards” 2004 ($10)
17:53 – Concannon Vineyard, “Stampmaker’s White”, Livermore Valley 2004 ($15)
17:56 – Concannon Vineyard, Heritage Petite Sirah 2001 ($50)
18:26 – Best of Tasting
18:47 – Best Value
19:11 – Second winner of QPR Wines drawing (congrats, Greg)
20:19 – Contact Details
20:47 – Next Show Theme

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  • Rik Nemanick

    While I enjoyed the interview with Mr. Concannon, it reminded me of one of the things that amuses me with marketing upscale products. His three Petite Sirah products were labeled “Limited Release”, “Reserve”, and “Heritage, presumably in increasing order of quality. “Limited Release” reminded me of the Jeep Grand Cherokee “Limited Edition” in the mid 1990’s, which appeared on the streets to be “limited” to the number that Chrysler could make and sell. As the example notes, Mr. Concannon is not guilty of anything that other marketers of upscale products haven’t done for years. But, I had to laugh when he said the Limited Release was “pretty much available throughout the United States.” That sounds as “limited” as Jeep Grand Cherokees.

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