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New Wine Podcasts Added

New Wine Podcasts Added

by Tim Elliott on February 20, 2006

I’m finishing up some consulting work today and looked over the wine podcasts now listed on iTunes. Much to my delight, I found several new-ish wine podcasts to sample, the most surprising was the video podcast from Ridge Vineyards. There are so many, that I broke up the old “Wine & Food Podcasts” category on my right menu into two separate ones and dropped the beer podcasts (well, Screwtops is still listed, but they occasionally talk about wine and were launched just days after this show so I didn’t have the heart to press the delete button). I have my playlist loaded up with many of these new entries and will be blogging about some of them soon. What started with this show just 14 months ago has blossomed into over 20 podcasts and counting…

  • Doug Smith

    Hey Tim,

    Thanks for pointing out the Ridge podcast … I hadn’t noticed it. They’re a great vineyard.

  • Love this show! I am attempting to learn all I can about wine and this show covers everything! Thanks for providing me with this link.

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